A design for railway to cause paradigm shift: risks of derailments & capsizing of coaches totally eliminated but with same high speeds and loads : Skybus

Rajaram Bojji M.Tech., F.I.E., F.N.A.E
Indian Railway Service of Engineers [1970-2005].  

Why needed ; aim and objectives.

Over 35 years of railway service, witnessed derailments, capsizing of coaches losing precious lives; suffered great anguish.The anguish drove effort to find a high speed railway but with zero risk of derailments or capsizing of coaches.

The aim was to  re-engineer the existing proven railway sub-modules to create a modern railway  free from risk of derailments, which can be used in metros and intercity high speed travel.

Conceptually if the bogies carrying the coach can be made to ride the track without fear of derailment, and coach has positive attachment to the tracks, risk is mitigated.

So why not take the bogies and track system in to a concrete box, and suspend the coach below the track, is the simple reconfiguration.

It becomes another hanging or suspended train system but compared to existing ones, now high speed bogies used in modern railway is used. Thus…

India and Gravity Power: eliminate coal from life!

India can be energy surplus eliminating coal and most of fossil fuels: but what or who is preventing Newton to be believed? It is tantamount to working against the national interest? Pray help poor and common people in every village to have practically free 24/7 eternal gravity power generated electrical energy.

India has 7400 km coast line and mainland has  5000km.

From shallow shore regions the potential for energy generation varies from 100 kw to 1MW per m

in different locations at different times. The typical availability indicated in world research as in figure below.

All over the world the potential is for power generation from shallow region sea waves , aggregated in to gravity power towers and then fed in to electrical grids is indicated as under .

These modules are floating ones without affecting fishing or shore life and eco-friendly. Avoiding marine foundations , the floating systems are elegant on skyline.

The principles are simple Newton”s proven ones, variable transmission …

Empowered Board for India HSR Skybus 250 -along highway, no new land needed, capsize-free!

Empowered Board for development and delivery of India’s indigenous High Speed Rail based on Skybus technology, running along the national Highways, without need for land acquisition , gravity powered.

Background: A proposal was submitted through portal for writing to PM India, for India to develop own High Speed Rail , superior to current technologies to make India a leader in providing sustainable development model for transportation.

Image ½  of communication with Prime Minister’s Office .

The case of grievance closed at PMO forwarding to Ministry of Railways. As follow up for the suggestion being valuable to India and since it is appreciated, a follow up to get the Empowered Board in place as early as possible is in order.

Very gratefully for this opportunity to take up the issue, it is submitted that the undersigned may present a draft action plan to realise the goal of putting India on top .
This plan was submitted to PMO and happily approved to be pursued by Department of Industry and…

India's own derailment eliminated , High Speed Gravity Powered Rail along High Ways without land acquisition.

The Prime Minister of India office positively responded to a suggestion that India should develop own new High Speed railway technology , which eliminates risks of derailment and capsizing currently causing loss of lives.

Specifically the PMO India commented " Your valuable suggestion is noted and appreciated" and the the case forwarded to the Ministry of Railways .

Vide above ref further PMO agreed to set up Empowered Bd for Delivery of HSR Skybus 250 and directed Department of Industry and Commerce to take further necessary action.

To take further action suggestion  Tweeted to concerned authorities.

An outline for Empowered Board is also suggested. And this got approved too.

Empowered Board for High Speed Train India Indian industry and IITs along with IT companies can deliver within 5 years India's own Gravity Powered High Speed Train 200kmph to 300kmph , safer tech being derailment-free and fully automated.

Land too not required to be acquired freshly for the projec…

Sovereign digital currency : Cashless society even without connectivity

Eliminate ATM, debit card &  cash. New Digital  Wallet Card, the size of credit card enough.

Just as physical wallet can be used anywhere , without internet or SMS , Digital Wallet cards can do the same!

My vision:````
 1. Every bank issues free Wallet .a touch screen device. ( Digital Wallet Card= DWC)

2. Finger print opens . 2. Top row shows balance . Second row user inputs amount to remit. Third row the payee ID .

3. Transmit to payee DWC  with finger print.
3.1 Payee confirms with his finger print.
3.2 seeing confirmation, approve with finger print.
3.3 Option to create own 4digit PIN to pay provided.

 4. Literacy level reading 0 to 9 numbers only.

5. To avoid semi literates doing mistakes in entering payee digital ID
   5.1 NFC/ Bluetooth capability if both are in proximity
   5.2 provide for demand to be raised by payee, then  amount and ID will come to payer who needs to approve .
 6.0 International traveler, payment of foreign digital currency too can be built in. Passpor…

Skybus & MIT Award to Rlyman

MIT innovation award for Sri Ashwini Kumar Upadhyayia should be commended. Nothing comes easy in life. To think differently is divine gift.
Some engineers seem to think of possibility of plagiarism in the work awarded in MIT. They quote Skybus and my work. But first one should know properly the story of Skybus.
Then coming to the Skybus, I must frankly admit it was no innovation. In service felt anguished from the first steam loco derailment in Shahabad in 1972. Entire night as AEN stood there to restore traffic. My first month of working post. Later on witnessed loss of life and always wondered at the confidence of loco drivers driving at speeds touching 100 even on the steam locos at that time. Hardly 25 mm flange and trust in gangmen.
Wanted to have the same railway but safer , one which can never derail nor coaches escape haywire or roll down slopes.
Simple reconfiguration of the same proven railway bogie and coach, preventing the bogie from escaping tracks under any circumstance…