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How stupid an educated society can get because of overwhelming influence of greed and ignorance!

Infinite stupidity of humans is truly a wonder of our creation. Ravi and similar honest officers who died earlier need not have died.

The society calling itself as republic follows British colonial practice of secretly interpreting policy or law on file noting, but issue orders for public to follow.

Administrative interest not public interest prevails. Crooks love this. So majority of crooks join govt to abuse power.

Stupidly people think it is right way of governance. In republic citizen should know why or how government order is issued. The interpretation of policy on noting should not remain secret. There is no law that it should be secret. But once marked as secret, it is conveniently brought under Official Secrets Act!

The problem is even if one party feels he was harmed, he cannot go to court for relief, because enough proof of misdemeanor not there. But if noting and interpretation is available, prima facie relief from court, is possible. A stay can then be granted citing prima …