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Bank for International settlements estimated derivative products at over $ 600 trillion

It sound s crazy but our minds would like to believe otherwise. It is interesting to think like olden days detective investigating a "crime", who benefits at the end of this cycle of trade imbalances?
Fall of dollar is equivalent to the 3rd world war, and may be I feel the end of cold war was bad-- it removed a constraint in the system. Unconstrained unipolar world, led USA to indulge in free unlimited consumption, seeking the inevitable constraint, and now the impact of hitting the constraint could be the economic center of gravity will move to China. Dollar may lose its position as the reserve currency, if more nations start trading oil in non-dollar terms, and year over year dollar investments by others get dried up.
The upheaval will certainly have collateral damages. Only rich fat cats took advantage of the stimulus because, only the same rich fat cats who failed the nation, remained in charge of distributing the largess. Darwin's theory works; self-preservation come…

Reservations and my country

Constitutional provisions will apply to all in the country not just to the Government. If one says the law of the land has to be followed, then even if you are not affiliated to Government sponsored recognitions, the fact you operate from the land can make the provisions applicable whether privately funded or public funded.
Exclusive "minority" institutions have been interpreted to get protection under Art 14 but well- an aggressive strident government can still call the shots, if the institutions are engaged only in education and professional courses and not in strictly religious studies dedicated to their group.
A large number of seats already are in excess and we are unable to get candidates. Expand capacity so much both for education and employment that we may lose the need for distributing the largess and reservations will lose any meaning.
Down trodden need help but not necessary to be at the cost of hardworking deserving persons.


ANATOMY OF VAIRAGYATOWARDS UNDERSTANDING THE HUMAN RAMA’S EXEGESIS-Dr V.V.B.Rama Rao, NoidaVairagya is not just a passing mental condition but a mature and ripe psychological state where the human mind-heart-will becomes free, with no attachments, no desires and no yearning for power pelf or fame. It is a secure composure which is above desire, passion or attachment.  Certain terms in our philosophy and thinking defy single word equivalents.  Being subtle concepts, they need explanation to people who are not familiar with Hindu concepts. It is thought best to retain the terms without attempting to ‘translate’ them, while indicating their meaning at length.IntroductionProfessional Personality Building Preceptors believe that living is an art. But there are arts and arts and sciences and sciences.  We live in age where everything is made or made out to be a science.  I believe that living is more a science than an art for sanatana dharma, the pristine way of living is both analytical an…