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God, nature & us!

210. na ca māṃ tāni karmāṇi nibadhnanti dhanaṃjaya udāsīnavad āsīnam asaktaṃ teṣu karmasu 9.9 These works do not bind me, Dhanahjaya, Indifferently seated am I, detached from those works.

211. mayādhyakṣeṇa prakṛtiḥ sūyate sacarācaram hetunānena kaunteya jagad viparivartate 9.10
With me as overseer, prakriti emanates the mobile and the immobile. Because of this, Kaunteya, the universe is revolving.

A key idea in Hindu spiritual vision is that everything we do boomerangs back to us one way or another. This is the essence of the law of karma. Another way of saying this is that our actions bind us, as if by a rope. In other words we cannot do something and not be bound by I, causing the birth-death-rebirth cycle. Krishna says here that he himself is exempt from this action causality reaction principle, that his own actions have no binding effect on him.  This corresponds to the idea that whereas every event and thing in the universe has a cause, the Divine itself does not. God is the ca…

Wilting children in modern age of information explosion- can mother become unwittingly enemy of own child, loving its mother as God?

In Chaitanya Programme conducted in Konkan Railway, very renowned experts from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and Social activists highly qualified in Psychology and Psychiatry from very well to do rich families, but spending time to pursue higher goals in life, Medical Professional hugly qualified in Pediatrics formed a group to devise means and methods to address the emotional and cognitive concerns of growing children between the age of 1 to 10 years, with more focus on formative under 5 years of age when the more than 98% of mind completes its development.

One of the important topics debated and discussed in the group, was the impact of modern age information explosions to which the child's mind is exposed .

The child is almost learning at rates 100 times faster than compared to children of a decade or two decades ago.

There is some fundamental difference of IQ and Emotional quotient  which occur among children-- the former partly genetic and partly acquired, and the …