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My understanding of purpose of life...a brief outline!

Let me state what little I learned in recent years from listening to lectures by acharyas with 20 to 30 years of study in Sanskrit . They spoke in Kannada . Else those web links would help you.

We go to beginning of one cycle. Every cycle is 31,104,000 CR solar years. Or 3110400 b yrs. That corresponds to 100 Brhma years. One second in Satya lokam of Brahma is equivalent to 100,000 solar years.

Entire Universe at this beginning of cycle is I'm form of sub atomic particle ocean called pralaya samudram. It is not water . just a huge infinite size subatomic particles waiting to to be transformed

Only Sri Narayana is present in a state of yoga nidra ...better not to try to imagine form by our limited physical minds ! But infinite sized , infinite energy form. No beginning nor end !

The only other Akshara Purusha, that is the one which does not get perished in pralayam , is Sri Durga ( Sri Lakshmi swarupa) in that dark night of pralaya night .

One day of 12 hrs of Brahma is 432 cr yrs…