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With love for my country & railway, a parting gift as I emigrate!

Shri V Ramachandran

Dear Shri Ramachandran,

I am glad you are heading the premier organisation of research and standards, which will benefit from impeccable character and integrity that you bring in.

After inventing and developing ACD technology as MD Konkan Railway, on retirement in 2005, I kept away from the railway system. Glad that RDSO finally adopted the concepts embedded there in and recently announced TCAS and RDSO is actively pursuing with blessings of Rly Board. With RDSO and Railway Board getting committed, the product will soon reach the Indian Railways and will be sustained over the years, I am sure, to save many a life on our network.

I did not and even now do not work with any private company since my retirement in 2005. I am currently  , Member , Empowered Board of Govt of India ITER project, in Department of Atomic Energy. It is a multi nation international project to deliver the first Fusion reactor of the world, at Cadrech, France. For last 4  year…

Rahul Gandhi getting on center stage : wish him well

What events will unfold and the grand strategy of forces running congress from deep behind the scenes, will unfold in next few months, I suspect.

I do feel sorry for the young ,man Rahul Gandhi, who was having quite a happy time with his girl friend, which he had to sacrifice forcibly to be in this fray. I suspect his heart really is not in this political field, and like father getting forced in to field.

We are lucky to be just observers. But the business of multi-billion dollar govt funds is a very high stake game, and forces larger than congress and BJP will be scripting the show of democracy for us.

It is a risky , uncertain vulnerable field, Rahul getting on to center stage. I do pity him cannot feel envious of his so called luck or born with gold spoon in mouth not silver one, like earlier years.

May India transform into a nation where goodness prevails, is my prayer.

So long as the fountainhead of evil of secret process of exercising power is allowed to remain, congress, BJP and eve…

A reform for government process for procurement or works or licensing public assets

Government has to decide a large number of contracts for works and supplies. To ensure protection of govt interest , a plethora of rules and regulations are made. Committees of officers from multi-disciplines pore over secret files, constantly worried about vigilance or audit destroying their future career prospects while required to meet what the top brass desires. 
The system can be simplified by removing the requirements of tender committees complex tender committee proceedings & secret files.
The entire render papers made available on web, with all conditions, pre-discussed with potential vendors, incorporating all view points, and making it clear no changes permitted once posted finally for bidding.
In all cases, the quote can be reduced to putting down a percentage above or below the standard schedule of rates contained in the schedule for various items.
This schedule can also be prepared in consultation with established vendors , factoring in latest accepted numbers as ava…

Executive secretly executing law, destroys justice , grants undue riches, corrupts society

A country having democratic govt, with executives of govt secretly executing law, to own & ruler's whims and fancies 

1. Denies justice by delay
2. Makes select groups richer beyond normal levels 
3. Farmers like in Vidarbha keep committing suicides , getting only empty promises
4. Brave soldiers & jawans lay down lives , but their families get humiliated
5. Criminal elements in society get free hand, sure of lax law & order
6. Electoral process distorted by corrupt practices with money & liquor freely flowing
7. Electorate by design divided by offering selectively based on caste & creed, offering appeasement
8. Sophisticated perception management strategies make intellectuals and media opinion makers useful idiots making them support the rulers who ever they may be
9. SENSEX rules

Impossible to get honest ruler or honest population but we can assure public interest !

Things were not hunky dory even in ancient times. It is in the swabhava and distribution randomly of various types of people in any given population

Women were abducted , forced against will from ancient times, treated as property along with cows and gold. Conquering armies indulged in molesting women folk of the defeated.

To escape humiliation, recent history shows , women committed mass suicide , jumping in to fire in Bharat too!

Well , a very miniscule number of people think after studying and seek answers for humanity to make them happy and what means to be adopted to avoid misery.

The oldest one said, nothing belongs to you or any body in this world. We are just granted use of all the resources, so that we may live happily, availing what is granted, doing rightful duties, but be joyous and live 100 years ! That is true only if one is not greedy to aspire for more than what is allocated for him.

Such a simple concept. But in all ages, including Ram's time and even earli…

My India over 60 years: Riches flow, hourly rapes and candle light marches only as retaliation!

Incredible India where riches flow with hourly rapes and candle light marches only as retaliation instead of correcting Govt. Business Rule!

Sports, technology,safety on streets,roads& rlys, honour of women India losing, to allow govt keep all files secret.

Govt manages the country's largest cash flow running in to hundreds of billions rupees in India. Even more valuable assets like land, spectrum, sea ports, roads, involving PPP projects with trillion rupee investments too get allocated under law by govt.

Strange is while a judge cannot interpret law of the land secretly, the executive in govt can. So this loophole where under law , public policy and rules made there under, can be secretly interpreted , is what keeps the evil in nation to seek and garner government power. The secret interpretation allows them to quietly undermine public purpose, to serve private interests. 

The confidence levels over the years increased in misuse of this loophole, leading to ballooning of ill got…