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To my young railway officers!

Dear my young friends in railway service,

I did not want to write first but after reading the anguish filled self-questioning coupled with seeking constitutional institution based protections etc in the letters posted by young officers, at the google site, felt it is necessary to contribute in the interest of the youngsters, in whose place I was decades ago and equally angry with the system.

The only difference is while many a senior cooled down from hot lava state to simple cold wax state after 30 years of "service", I remained same hot angry man in the year of my retirement, as Cabinet Secretary himself mentioned in a personal one to one meeting at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in 2004, called because of my letter to the Prime Minister as a lowly MD of a PSU. I must have been the singular exception of a serving officer filing to CBI a complaint against a Ministry!

How did I survive? Why the system allowed me to pass through? Or did it?

Let me admit frankly, without concern either f…

Mario Miranda

He passed away at 85years of age today. Memorries of evenings I spent at his ancestral home on beachfront in Loutolim village with his graceful wife hosting flood my mind.
Such a gentle person and saw humour in the way we think and live. I think finally that is the way God sees in whatever we do struggling to prevail over one another.
I got him to travel throughout Konkan Railway and provide me with illustrations of various scenes for a cultural integration of the entry of Konkan Railway in to Goan life and I am happy the book Konkan Nama published by Konkan Railway received special welcome by tourists in Goa.
His illustrations were reproduced on walls of Margao station too.
Unassuming and graceful couple I recall fondly. My condolences to family who will miss him & his typical comments in conversation on everything we see around.
May his soul rest in peace.