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I ,Cosmos and Gravity!

After reading what Mr F Mars, a friend of mine opined regarding speed of light need not be constant as Telsa says, I reflect that one thing is certain; there are many points of view but there is no clinching evidence that this is the truth! It always fascinated me- who I am and why I am here! Are there UFOs? In childhood I did dream of meeting people from a UFO landed in the back yard of my home, like many others, who claim to have even traveled with them!

Well our mind it seems is the most powerful instrument which some times gives us sense of superior feeling to sit on judgment on every thing and every event and every one around us. Honestly speaking we only have questions.

Questions- that is the key. I am from a social upbringing where our ancients told us to question and question till you reach the truth as you yourself finally realize. The statement that speed of light should be constant was questioned by me in my college education- because I questioned why it should be constant?…

Largest economy in the world,forgotten fundamentals and copious tears!

Commitment to excellence by improving constantly the product quality and couple the same with cost effectiveness so that the consumer gets products progressively improving in quality, at reducing prices, is the key to keep the consumption up beat and add wealth too because the purchasing power of the currency is sustained. This leads to sustained jobs and surplus incomes to enable spending. This in my mind is very critical core issue of building up an economy.

Then the same qualities should reflect in financial services and banking too. That means Ponzi schemes and similar conscious fraudulent games should be treated as crimes and the white collar criminals should not get the extended goodwill treatment. The regulators and the systems have notoriously played shut eye even though the signs were glaring.

The quality of lending keeping in view the debtor's capacity to pay is a fundamental issue, which again was compromised and that too knowingly. It is as much failure of the state …

Newton and Climate Change

Newton is a unique scientist whose work remains relevant to humanity after centuries and even for space age travel. He is said to have born on 25 Dec 1642 as per Roman calendar, but Europe reset the date to Jan 4th, 1643 as per Gregorian calendar later on.

Let me share a secret unused by us for the last 300 years. His theories on gravity can help us meet the energy needs of humanity to transport people and goods. Using the approach outlined below transportation is possible at speeds of 210 mph from city to city. Retooled cars/trucks on gravity-powered roads allow for transportation without fossil fuels and transport cargo from any point to any point at 60-mph. Existing metro rail can be powered by gravity doing away the electrical traction.

Detailed specification in US Patent application number: 12184151 dated 07/31/2008 provides more information regarding the "Gravity Powered Rail, Road and Runways transportation systems".

The principle is rather simple and ancient too. It is …

Economic stimulus with initiatives in energy and infrastruture creating jobs and wealth!

Obama as President will be kick starting a massive $800b investment in energy and infrastructure. It is an excellent move to think of 5 to 7% of national economy to be used for priming the economy. Two cardinal principles, of course, I expect the wise architects of this massive conscious effort,to follow.

One is employment generation with creation of permanent assets which all the future generations would be grateful for being a wealth generator and not budget guzzler posting losses and proving to be financial burden;

secondly this opportunity should be treated as a historic golden chance to cause a paradigm shift in our life style reducing dependence on fossil fuel as much as possible.

One such massive and ideal initiative to my mind is to implement alternate gravity energy based transportation technologies of US origin, to eliminate import of 8 to 10 million barrels of oil daily, prevent spewing out of 3.5 billion tons of carbon annually while making handsome profits of 30 to 40% prov…

Credibility at stake in news reporting!

In my view journalistic freedom of manufacturing news seems to be overtaking the events and clouding the facts. Too many young fresh zealous reporters are fighting for space and brownie points. Be as it may, the government agencies seem to have some "senior source" who is willing to leak information to an obliging friend in press and this further adds to disinformation. It is time we have some balance in the way media is handled by the government and over zealous reporting; credibility is at stake. Serious issues like terrorism and national security cannot be matters of gossip in a light hearted manner by the government.

Gravity Powered 360 kmph Rail can help save energy

At 360 kmph, a proposal is presented to cover 1000km under 3 hours, with 9 halts, a halt every 100 km, attaining 340 kmph average speed, saving 66% of energy as compared to current high speed trains of France(TGV) and Japan (Bullet trains). In India just at Rs 1450 one can travel 1000 km within 3 hours.The project earns also 30% profit operating 10 hours a day.Annually over 135 million commuters per direction can use this facility. This will eliminate need for air travel between major metropolises in India. Substantial saving of fossil fuel can be effected.