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How slow our administrators are in uptake about technologies!

It is not just the administrators, but also the administrators who have become consultants who with poor knowledge of engineering and technology hide behind standard de-bunkering arguments whenever they are faced with giving advice on technologies they do not know! So when Skybus standard gauge rail concept came for evaluation, first check they do is whether it was done by an advanced country and running there or not. Once they find it is not available in any other country and we will be doing ourselves by understanding the same, they will adopt the de-bunkering approach. Oh my goodness, it is not a time tested and proven system, public life is involved and so one should await more work on the issue. Actually technical analysis and reasons why it wont work is absent. If the railway gauge, wheels and bogie only are used, it is not explained by these self-proclaimed experts why it works for normal railway and why it does not work for the Skybus! The load transfer points on to the bogie …