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Hope 2013 will make our lives better!

Wishing Happy New year 2013 has become difficult as our hearts are full of sorrow and and a sense of helpless anger engulfs us. But it is our own brothers and sisters in govt who are becoming villains of circumstance. They too are clue less why and how things they don't like too are happening .

It is all a matter of character of govt. I wrote to Justice Verma

I attach the matter Please peruse. I'd you agree, you also cut and paste and send the same to him. Hope 2013 will find us better by changing character of govt. Then our lives will be better. I pray for that.

A law cannot make govt honest. Allows punishment after judicial process. Deterrence is aimed at. But if corrupt govern, it is useless to have strong laws or for that matter any law.

So character of governance matters. How do we influence it?

All of us are neither honest all the time nor sincere most of the time and leaders , police, judiciary are all from amongst us only. Our own brothers and sis…

Jyoti shocked us, the villains of circumstance!

Rajaram Bojji1 hour ago· Air-lifting was criticised many eminent doctors in Hyderabad too. Actually that increased the risk for such an unstable patient, possibly hastening her departure., is what they said.

Then to make her faceless, is intriguing too. I am more and more concerned that truly intellectuals of our country are becoming useful idiots, as defined by Krugman. No one really wants to expose the powerful secret of govt- the well nourished and hidden mechanism of secretly interpreting public policy for private benefit.

It beats me why we are acting so stupid as not to demand that government cannot have this right under any provision of our constitution as Republic of India, and was followed by colonial masters. A simple looking step. looks too unrelated to any crisis we face, like mega scam or horrendous rape or suicide of innocents facing harassment of authorities. Even we are prepared to lay down lives for bits of information under RTI Act!! That is truly limit of stupidity.…

India truly liberated when PM & women can travel without security!

The political leaders&bureaucrats,merrily raping country's assets,secretly interpreting public policy,corrupted systems too.Anger overflows.
There is no leader who can speak. Again rhetoric is taking over instead of cool analysis. Poor youth too innocent.Water canons!!
I find too many intellectuals on channels throw out verbose animated talks beating around the bush. Diverting us knowingly.
One cannot separate corrupt rulers and deterioration of law and order as separate phenomena.Corrupt take care of media and debilitate rest.
Why only criminal minded are dominating the elections? Why so much money and liquor flows in elections? Try to analyse. What attracts them?
Obviously, public service is not attracting them. They are to recover their investment many times over. How govt power facilitates? Think.
Public policy is made for public good. But while implementing, the colonial practice of secret interpretation of policy followed.
This secret interpretation of public policy, locking it…

Rapes & scams in India. One simple solution, not another Act nor more police!

We the people are too innocent and love to be misled by heros made by us!

How innocent we have been living not knowing what is hurting the nation and our lives! We keep on blaming why corrupt guys only are able to spend crores and seek political power finallly to steal our tax money which is spent as they please, to benefit own kith and kin. We compalin and then think of RTi and feel we have a great facility , for which we fought well and succeeded. But did we? Are we not duped? The corruption continues. A few activists die also while seeking information under RTI. but we have many young idealists, who believe that RTI is good and think they achieved something whenever some small fish in government get inconvenienced. But it is nothing for the sharks in the government.They play this game with public very well. They continue to steal the public assests, by carefully nurturung the privilege of secret interpreatation of public policy with stated objective of public good, but in realirty helping themselves and their own. When scams like 2g get exp…