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One gentleman asked me if there is no hope for my Skybus in India! I replied as under:
Ha Ha I never lose hope! Else I could not have constructed and run a Skybus in the world and finally you and me are exchanginf emails!
Imagine in 1988-89 when I first read the paper in Bologna Univ Italy in a World Congress, describing the conceptualisation of Skywheels based urban transportaion, I had only a dream. The paper went into innovativie category and many an expert felt it may not materialise as construction could be difficult.
Then in 2003 I made the prototype full scale, after Governemt denied support, as MD Konkan Railway, by appealing to Indian industry who funded the entire Rs 4 crores.
The Ministers of Government of India felt ashamed, and sanctioned in 2004 Feb Rs 50 cr and I could run the first Skybus on Sept 15th 2004,, Sept 15th being the birthday of Shri Vishweswarayya and so called Engineers Day for India.
Within 30 days , overenthisiasm of a few engineers, caused an accident in the…