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Where files and documents only are valid evidence, why arrest and harass without first filing detailed charge sheet and proving case ina court of law?

The difference between white collar crimes involving finance and assets , and other criminal acts like murder /assault / rape etc, is that, the former are all leaving audit trail in files and documents and once those are seized after a raid , that will be the only evidence admissible in a court of law and nothing else. Any oral statements of any one involved claiming innocence or some one forcing to make them do what they did, do not carry any weightage in the eyes of law. So in the name of inquiry using the provisions of Cr.PC arresting and spending thousands of hours putting questions to an alleged white collar criminal , to my mind has no meaning. It has only a harassment value. I do not think that is the spirit of the law.
Then I find it hard to believe, the bail getting refused, routinely in the name of the alleged accused may tamper with evidence or threaten witnesses. It may be true for hard core murderers with large number of cases. But not for white collar crimes. Because it …

Twitter Bigbattle Debate-my summary 12 Jan 2012

Engr. B. Rajaram ;Inventor ACD/SkybusJan 12, 2012 06:23 PM
This is truly impressive. Even minutes of the meeting available. The technology has made this possible.Why Governance cannot be done using the technology tools- economically and decision along with work flow is made visible to every citizen?

As MD of KR, I did implement open visibility for workflow and file notings, even for audit to watch in real time.You will be surprised how a Minister stared at me, when I told him that when he wants to give any order that would straight away appear in my work flow scheme for all to see. Then he backed off! Actually it is the bureaucrat who has the power of declaring a file secret or open. Even what Railway Board's communication marked confidential, I used to declare as open, by posting reply on the servers, if it is not involving any individual's private concerns , and public are the stake holders.

There is no constitutional provision to hide the workflow of governance. The secrecy …

Whither patriotism?

In the year 1986-87 , strategic technology renewal cycle every 5 years, after the first import of technology along with technology transfer, I had proposed in my capacity as Jt Director Research and taking care of the Secretariat of the Central Board of Railway Research. What I proposed was that the second generation of technology advance should occur in India, and we export the product. This can be done only if softskills and industry backbone get closely integrated with the technology import- where universities also get nominated for particulalr sectors. China followed this policy.

But the favourite pastime of India is to buy off the shelf every time new generation of equipment is produced again from abroad.

Even in case of technology transfer clause, it is observed more in letter but not really in spirit. The soft-skills needed are not nurtured and the basic industry backbone coupled with academic support from centers of excellence in Universities never get developed. So we continue …

I and Satyam

What I understand is when one loses the "moham" even for "moksha", gets over "mind" and its tricks, becomes part of the "kreeda" vishesha lakshanam of the creator, & like HIM, remains eternally in "jnana aananda" perhaps he becomes my take on the complex issue.Ultimately it is what one is within-external appearance is deceptive.
I personally feel each one of us through Matsya avatara to current time- existed after being brought out from the Lord's protective "udaram" , not a fraction of second separated from His protection, while passing through many shapes and lives(84 lac species), constantly driven by urge to understand why and how we are here and who are we.

As permanent as the Lord Himself, each one of us constantly enjoy His loving care. A birth or death makes no difference . Millions of transformations keep occurring. Purpose? Lord Himself truly has no use.

But the journey on the path of our eff…

Fountainhead of corruption-systemic correction

Why humans like a kind of negative thinking..allow systems to be corrupt and then put in place systems of policing to "investigate" and capture, enacting police-thief games.

Instead if we make a few tweaks to the system, such that even not so good a man in power finds it hard to take that first step of acting bad. The system should have built in safeguard against taking corrupt step.

The tweak needed is every file with govt. order shd be made public on web, for citizens of Republic to know how the govt. is working. Once the order is issued, there is absolutely no need to keep the file secret from public view.This negates the concept of a Republic. Government servants are public servants and do not have right to work secretly in matters of public affairs.

We are not talking of national security issues or investigations in to criminal activities. We are talking for normal executive functioning of the government in matters of dealing with public property and distribution of larges…