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Tatwa Jnana Sri Madhwacharya

Tatwa Jnana from Sri Madhwacharya, is the most rational one I feel which does not demand blind following. It urges constant study, understand, question, experience , try hard to really reach the truth with Vedas and Brahmasutras as the foundation with guidance Only if when one personally experiences,  the respect and bhakti comes naturally.  Not because one gets some chocolate like favours of getting over some personal problem. A true madhwa accepts problems in life as well as joys with the same spirit as an observer , as these are mere karma phala of this and earlier janmas. That account currently does not matter. Live in present and do current karma not for self,  but for the wellbeing of all humanity, living beings and nature because that is the beautiful creation of the great Lord Narayana , the one and only God but present all round us, within us and within every thing that has any kind of beauty or ugliness too!  A true Madhwa can never hate or get angry with any one who hurts …

Being rich is not sin.But to be sinfully rich is.

@rbojji: @BillGates Any capitalist economy necessarily has conundrum : private gain at public expense. Inequality rises. Jean Tirole relevant.

My tweet above summarizes our story of economic development . The result is clear to see.

Top 1% own 50% of world wealth while 50% of population own 1% of total wealth on this planet.

But at the same time rich just own the assets but are forced to pit it to use which provides livelyhood  to others who don't own assets.

Ultimately rich man too ends up eating his roti and diabetic insulin managing the asset.

More important for me is to ensure sanitation, human living conditions and roof over head, protection from natural calamities, equal opportunities for education and be able to support oneself reasonably well to pursue own interests .

Not all interests culminate in making money only. Some may pursue that but others can have own literary or social service or philosophical pursuit or just seek knowledge enjoying the journey!

State should st…