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Why we should not get angry with those who hurt us!

Each jeeva with million births earlier and with infinite origin in time, since coming out of Sri Narayana's udaram, already has accumulated karmas good, bad the consequences of which he has to enjoy, good or bad! Lord Narayana in his infinite compassion, does not load one with full bad karma consequences . Life just becomes unbearable. A mix of good and bad karma consequences allocated to suffer /enjoy in a given life. Then inter relationships amongst humans hence get established based on this mix. Every one who lives will necessarily make some one happy or unhappy by their actions. While acting they follow drive by own karma as well as the recipient of that action too enjoys the consequence as part of own karma in earlier lives. Where is the free will? While being under compulsion to act under burden of past lives' karma , still a discerning mind and capacity to know what is right and what is wrong too granted. 

But even this discerning voice is under the control of t…