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Entering Games lane will lead straight to jail

YOUR COMMENT (TOI) B Rajaram(Herndon USA) 29 Sep, 2010 0814hrs IST But how about Neta's cars? Government cars with redlights can go I suppose. Ambulances? If a citizen needs to go to hospital carrying a sick child in a private car, he gets stuck in the congested road lane , made worse by the blocking of available space. Same story for Doctors who cannot reach their hospitals in time. What is the relief? Instead of going to hospital, the over zealous police may rush them to Tihar jail, if they in anxiety enter the CWG lane and request the police to help. The invocation of criminal procedure code for traffic violation must be first time in our Republic. Tihar jail!! What an irony! Those who stole taxpayers' money will travel in CWG vehicles as sports administrators in dedicated fast lanes, and those who paid for it, must stand and suffer in congested lanes , further saying "Jai Ho"

Religion and blind faith

Some say religion insists on implicit faith and a blind faith at that...
Sorry I have some reservation about your statement that religion wants implicit faith, or in other word unquestioning blind faith.
All processes of reasoning need implicit faith and that includes science.
Religion as understood by a few may be requiring blind faith , just as some scientists who reach the pinnacle also want blind faith in what they say as the infallible theory, till proven wrong, by all others who have not reached the pinnacle of scientific achievement. How Newton suffered and hid quite an amount of his work till he reached a certain stature as well the history of others too indicate this.
It is a human arrogant attitude of "ahamkara". or in loose translation self-ego, which distorts both science and religion.
Now coming to religion, I understand our Upanishads emphasise questioning first and not believing blindly. Emphasis is on "jnana" , or translated loosely, knowledge.

Sri Madhw…

Infrastructure and neglected intellectual capital....

Dear Shri Sondhi Saheb,
With due respect to such famous names Rajat Gupta et al of McKinsey, from whom I get regular digest to scan their views.. this report sent is very relevant.
As usual rich in data , safe in offering opinions, well presented like our typical railway meal, which has all ingredients but lacks the cutting edge to break away from known rut and do some thing out of box.
The key sentence which guides the approach is "learning from past and adopting best global practices.." in preface summarizes the report.
One fundamental consultants' failure is discounting human intellect, who can find alternate schemes and models to solve problems when really pushed to do the impossible.

Risk averse sterile reports require to be professional and safe; that is what we get.
I am not impressed. I also know it matters little that I am not impressed.
Wish they added one chapter trying to visualise technology breakthroughs on the horizon, the probability of their reaching realit…

The Future of IT in India... worth listening to Shibulal and his answers to questions too!

The Future of IT in India
Speaker: S.D. Shibulal
Chair: Professor Leslie Willcocks
This event was recorded on 14 September 2010 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
S.D. Shibulal is one of the co-founders and member of the Board of Directors of Infosys Technologies Limited. Shibu, as he is fondly called, has over three decades of IT leadership experience. He has played a pivotal role in the Infosys journey and a signal role in the evolution of the Global Delivery Model which is now the de-facto industry standard for delivery for outsourced IT services.
Available as: mp3 (30 MB; approx 63 minutes)
Available as: video
Event Posting: The Future of IT in India

Stephen , God and I

In terms of business and saleability, God and creation or non-creation not withstanding, the promoters have done a good job of choosing the subject matter and provoke almost every one. Hope this converts into good revenue as planned. The truth is hidden behind many facts and a few only are discovered and many more await. Science evolves trying to unify the occurence of these as they occur tweaking their earlier theories, discarding some times in favour of new ones. We too grow along. This role of seeker is the only permanent feature of life. There can be no place for arrogance of knowledge-- they are mutually exclusive. Meantime be good to each other , love, be tolerant, spare harsh words and enjoy but never refuse to question, even if it happnens a great thinker like Stephen. Stephen has done well despite his handicap status. He seem to have improved meantime, the standing of his university in the world order of top 500 universities. God bless him... may be I should say Gravity bless him!…


My old Compaq Presario B3800 had XP running too slow and the system was very slow. Adopted the free Open Source Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and found to my surprise lightening speeds. Only take care to choose in settings for volume, option as no amplifier so that the system uses the internal sound card. Excellent software and free too. Flash. ram, mp3 and all videos play quite comfortably. LINUX based system I find is fast and stable too. Open Office provides complete office tools and all chat and social communication programmes work like Google talk,MSN,Facebook Chat, Skype etc. I am enjoying and wish to share the happiness with those who want to use this software absolutely free but well supported by a group of dedicated well wishers.