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Rahul Gandhi and Dr Swamy

Well.  Swamy is generally thorough with his documentation and goes step by step, unlike Kejriwal. Now he will first tell Corporate Affairs Min to inquire and come out with a statement. He will then move a court to force the Ministry to file the inquiry report.

Matters of fact and matters of interpretation arise. The former cannot be refuted. Documents stand how ever high a person is. Interpretations become subject of judgment, and once the case is converted as matters of judgment, the administration , loses its grip.

Though the process takes longer, with slow fire burning, without the sparkle of sudden fire works , it becomes a persistent dagger, slowly getting deeper for a person who erred.

I can only pity the young man Rahul, who could have seized the moment offered by Anna at Ramlila, and could have walked to Ramlila and took the center stage with the team and moved positively in the Parliament, the case. He could have become a national hero of youth for that act, which…

The most gullible Indian youth

Individuals are not important but the issue at hand is critical. Hero worship is not the way country progresses. The fight to save our nation and seize the moment of opportunity to show case what is true India and who we are taking in to account our ancient values of emphasizing on knowledge, honesty and commitment to basic human welfare, has been delayed for the last 60 years.

We failed to liberate in true sense to call ourselves, a Republic- where citizens are the ultimate bosses. It is not only at the time of voting that the citizen is remembered, but he has fundamental right to know why and how his appointees are functioning.
 After voting, it does not mean, he has handed over the country and all the nation's assets , to the temporary trustees for 5 years,  to do what they please to do themselves in utmost secrecy, hiding files, and releasing only asset alienation orders , favouring own kith and kin.
Who granted this right to keep public files, which do not deal with national …

Indian Railway make over

Converting the our legacy railways in to automated gravity powered systems, keeping the same rolling stock and tracks, can eliminate 90% of locomotives , signals and train control systems, and vastly save on operating expenses.
It is feasible. The level of investment needed and returns summarized too.
While working principles are based on Newton's laws, and duly peer reviewed for science and engineering, the financials are made up story by me.
The papers were sent to also to DFCC and Railway Ministry a couple of years ago to go in to trash, of course.

Amazingly, administrations will first dismiss , out of hand , the technology as " unproven& untested over 20 years" etc.

Following the same technology path adopted by western countries almost half a century ago, it is obvious that either you have to be stinking rich to buy and maintain legacy technologies with marginal facelifts . China being rich could do. But Indians are not. But capital of intellect which they have,…

Extending Einstein's theory beyond light speed

I personally held a belief that any a statement of absolute limit is a self defeating in the universe of unknown. Why speed of light should be limit for speed? Used to be my question in college  days. About two years ago also in Scientific American did publish one or two letters on this issue.

Mathematics goes beyond the comprehensible reality of the present.

Mathematics challenges human mind to explore new areas of thinking .

I am very happy.

When knowledge we gained in last 1000 years or less in evidence based science, is infinitesimally tiny relative to our close to infinite ignorance , in all humility one should allow oneself to walk the new paths though with caution & circumspection by not exhibit  bravado.

R&D Magazine

Extending Einstein's theory beyond light speed

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 10:28am

University of Adelaide applied mathematicians have extended Einstein's theory of special relativity to work beyond the speed of light.

Einstein's theory holds that nothin…