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What you see or hear is not what you get in modern world as Truth!

About three years ago I read a detailed novel how the new breed of perception management companies in USA , make many simple respectable persons useful idiots in a sophisticated manner, to serve a public cause , swinging public opinion , inn favour of a targeted individual to be elected in a democracy.

Media, journalists, all get involved knowingly , unknowingly.

Quite a large number actually work voluntarily believing in the cause.

The ground preparation starts innocuously one to one and half years early.

Standard pattern is no company by name is identifiable. Suddenly so!e dynamics young corporate or business persons enter and form a group and attract like minded persons.

Very careful personality surveys are done and good respectable persons in each field and sector identified.

Apparently independently a number of groups become actively promoting the idea ands offer opinions in !media, schools, colleges well distributed.

When suddenly Kanchan Gupta started Niti Central and active d…

Super computer can be confused to be a human?

Amusing one way, recent experiment , where a super computer passed the Turin test, to be beieved as if it was a 13 year old boy.

Humans to think something is true while it is not , is at the foundation of this experiment.

If you look at the world around using latest digital media tools humans for a price do that to make innocent multitudes niece as truth , while it is not so.

Also without being aware our own cognitive and thinking skills are also getting fundamentally modified from generations , because if intensive interaction with thinking machines.

The word thinking is gaining different connotation. The word feeling is what we need to watch out. Can machine fool us that it feels?  I believe , it is possible to simulate this behaviour too for unsuspecting tester.

Memory, database, retrieval , cogent logical checks, certainly make machine compete with a fallible, forgetful human, who tends to cloud his judgement with emotional filters.

Come to think of it, I do not f…