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The Statesman Kolkata covered ACD on 29th July 2010

Print E-mailIgnoring safety, breeding insecurity28 July 2010It is a burning issue within Indian Railways, amongst conscientious senior officers who know about what is happening and all that could ~ and should ~ have been done to avert the spate of track tragedies that have cost thousands of lives over the past few years. Yet, apart from lip-service to the need for an anti-collision device (ACD), usually in the context of a cry in favour of the installation of a ruinously expensive Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) after every train accident, the technologies are confused.
And people remain unaware of our indigenously developed, cheaper and superior technology infused ACD, the Raksha Kavach, the introduction of which has been repeatedly stalled. Perhaps Miss Mamata Banerjee need to be reminded of her own commitment to an ACD, and there's none better placed to do so than Mr Bojji Rajaram, a retired Indian Railways official who served as MD Konkan Railway Corporation and as Fe…

US talks of feeding American homes and India kills own in collisions ,kills own technology companies jobs, but feeds others outside the country!


What is India's ACD?

India's Ant-collision Device

Generic Definition:

Anti-collision non-signal devices (ACD) are intelligent rugged microprocessors to self determine location and status when mobile on a railway and static ACDs monitor vulnerable locations like stations, gates, slopes, bridges, securely inter communicate within the range of distance required to reduce speeds of moving units to assure safety against dangerous collision or accidents, keeping a log, independent of signals and human inputs, creating an ever present Raksha Kavach, protective bubble.

Descriptive Definition for ACD ( a non-signal Anti-collision Device)

ACD is a device comprising of a high speed microprocessor integrated with secure digital radio communication modem, a GPS, an interface with braking system and odometer of the locomotive in case of Loco ACD, no such interface with braking or odometer but portable unit is for Guard ACD , interfaced with gates but no GPS in case of manned gate ACD, interfaced with sirens and fl…

A Prayer to Railways

Anti-collision Devices

Anti-collision device could have averted latest train accident

By Shudip Talukdar
New Delhi, July 19 (IANS) Even as the latest rail accident claimed 60 lives and injured 150 people in West Bengal, the railway ministry is still prevaricating over installing anti-collision devices (ACDs) on its trains.This year, 13 accidents, including the latest one, have claimed scores of lives, and the impact at Sainthia station in Birbhum Monday was so severe that the top of one of the coaches rammed into the foot overbridge across the platform.

Officials say the ACD, designed and developed by former Konkan Railway managing director B. Rajaram, has a success rate of 99.9 percent in preventing collisions after it was commissioned by the Konkan Railway and the Northeast Frontier Railway.

Incidentally, it also had the support of Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee in her earlier stint at Rail Bhavan here.

"Its implementation is being delayed over the years by successive revision of norms by the Railway Bo…

50 more crushed to death in rear collision on Indian Railways , easily preventable by own ACD, but not done by the Ministry.

My anguish knows no bounds as the inventor of the Anti collision device network technology named as Raksha Kavach which is a non-signal economic but highly intelligent system , unique to our country well proven to international standards tested by Indian Railways. They own the rights too. How many more lives are to be lost waiting for for some foreign company to give them more expensive solution? I earnestly pray to the powers that be to have some conscience and use our intellectual capital please.