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26/11 : it does hurt

When we have an accident in railways, we have to stand without rest or sleep day and night, till the injured are taken care of and the line is restored back to safety. We cannot say, we have to adjourn the activities for a day or two days later availing week end etc.

A doctor on emergency duty cannot leave the patient on operating table and go for a break.

But why our courts need all kinds of breaks and try to remain blind folded to delay justice as much as possible- particulalrly in case of 26/11 terrorist case.

How procedure has become more important then the substance is what is wonderful.

On 27/11 all evidence was readily available, the court comprising of three judges ordered on emergency basis should be mobile and visit with cameras recording the audio-visual evidence, allowing the so nominated defence lawyer as well as the prosecution too to present their oral presentation in real time, move in a mobile media cum recording van, interview also the culprit in jail in full video recor…


On return from US sought from internet how to get ADHAR in Hyderabad. Sent an email to some nodal guy ans was pleasantly surprised it was responded to. Generally emails are ignored. EVen more surprising that as I was struggling with their so called help line, a call is made directly to my mobile, if I find some problem, to come directly to their headquarters and the needful will be organised. Even more surprised. I only sent my passport images in the email earlier and my ex-govt or railway connections were no where mentioned. Was surprised that as a common citizen so much attention was given.

Well, I and my wife took an auto , made the trip, costed us Rs 250 but ok. Patiently our pictures, the finger prints etc were recorded, verified against our passports and we left the premises, with good feelings.

But still wondered at the unusual treatment we received by the young man who met us and did everything needed, a stranger for us.

While we were still wondering why some stran…

Fukushima and Koodunkulam

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