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Innovation & mediocricy

We won't change nor the world.

The herd mentality to block unusual or out of the way behaviour or thinking is natural self survival instinct.

Since majority is mediocre or politely put fall into the middle third ofthe bell curve of IQ distribution, the minority exceptional ones in the extreme tails , get stamped as mavericks at best or mentally unstable.

Society to protect own self from mad cap initiatives, lays down various stages of checks and balances like first peer reviews, which means similar once exceptional talented ones but now survived to occupy respectable posts and so competent to give a seal of approval to try,  then tests and trials to demonstrate and prove after all it is old wine in new bottle and gives the same kick?

For every Pichai or Nadella there are more than ten times talented Indianswho hit glass ceilings in US too!

Luck , the enigmatic factor in reasonably honest systems and sheer hatred and corruption of mind &soul take over , to arbitrarily block and dest…

Gravity can sustain humanity - God given gift to us! Most unwise & the greatest disservice to ignore!

Gravity is the fourth fundamental force, always attractive like God's love!

The work presented here is peer reviewed in international journals and conferences, as well by international examiners of IB WIPO Geneva.
Generally I have been remaining an observer and what I want to tell the world about gravity powered railways , roads,& waterways for future,  I said in Paris Conference APM 2011 and now proceedings of ASCE.
 I give you full paper link.
Related PPT
Gravity Power House concept can provide entire energy requirements for planet when coupled with gravity powered transportation. The planet can be free from use of oil and coal. 
Then YouTube has some videos to demonstrate how the concepts work Gravity Power:

WIPO too placed these concepts as published International Patent application
But I am leaving rights to the world to avail .
:) I am a happy man wondering at how our planet goes round in circles and equally so our human intelligentsia!
India too has scientist who reviewed a…

International Conf. Energy efficient rlys. Nov 6 New Delhi. Invitation to speak.

Hearty congrats! Railway is doing well, particularly electrical engineering. Solar power is the way to go. You are very kind to invite me. However I regret I won't be able to avail this opportunity. Generally I have been remaining an observer and what I want to tell the world about energy efficient railways for future I said in Paris Conference APM 2011 and now proceedings of ASCE. For whatever it is worth, I give you full paper link. Related PPT Then YouTube has some videos to demonstrate how the concepts work Gravity Power: WIPO too placed these concepts as published International Patent application. But I am leaving rights to the world to avail . :) I am a happy man wondering at how our planet goes round in circles and …

Black holes and I

:) Black holes attract and very difficult not to say something. And every one has own conjecture and there is none who went there and come back to tell us whose conjecture is right. Recently as part of educating myself about my past.  I am trying to understand what ancient thinkers said about our universe. In Chandogyapanishat which I heard over 6months ...only one round complete, so cannot claim deep knowledge. However, my current understanding is in physical form as we have today whether human or material , none can travel the spatial distances and realms out there. In sub atomic form it seems each of us do travel and mind you,  we are as indestructible and ancient as the Maker Himself! Well it looks like out there there is a spatial location Sankarshana-Sankarshana where force of attraction reverses. It is kind of null point. Then if thrown upwards ( more a kind of direction to understand for us) I enter a another world or different worlds full of light, and keep on rising just as…

Why I go back to Upanishads!

Paul Krugman used the word "useful idiots" and earlier one novelist too coined it to show how good respected socially acclaimed role models are to be influenced not by material gains or riches, but by making them perceive they are righteously pursuing a very noble agenda . But actually hidden agenda if the perception management company  is to get desired outcome to maximise own profits in sector of his corporate interest. Most of us reasonably qualified and generally considered as intellectuals by quite a few, are vulnerable to fall in to the trap and become useful idiots for some hidden corporate interest. Unions, officers and Rly Bd all have vested interests in continuing business as usual. Profit is assured and lifestyle comforts managed. A change is traumatic. Funny thing is word change is what immediately triggers the defence mechanism . But if this word is avoided then change without calling it as change, can be effectively allowed to happen once the s…

Bibek & die-hard railwaymen!

Always wondered what else can be new ...railwaymen are diehard railwaymen . Very,very difficult to change even simple services rules or eliminate differential pay scales between services. Extremely impractical to enforce any kind of accountability as well as trim privileges of vested interests. But change is in air. 2050 cannot accept our business as usual attitude. Younger generations today think and act very differently which many of our generation may consider blasphemous. Either institutions reshape to reform or get dumped by sidelines to be overlooked for sure,either in near future or a little layer with more painful consequences. What a panel like Bibek can do? What options they have? One thing I am sure is rky men cannot hope to live with business as usual attitudes. Change and reform is inevitable. One thing I am sure rly men indulge in needless Brownian motion kind of work ethics following manual administrative dismissive attitudes of authoritarian nature, technology abhorre…

How stupid an educated society can get because of overwhelming influence of greed and ignorance!

Infinite stupidity of humans is truly a wonder of our creation. Ravi and similar honest officers who died earlier need not have died.

The society calling itself as republic follows British colonial practice of secretly interpreting policy or law on file noting, but issue orders for public to follow.

Administrative interest not public interest prevails. Crooks love this. So majority of crooks join govt to abuse power.

Stupidly people think it is right way of governance. In republic citizen should know why or how government order is issued. The interpretation of policy on noting should not remain secret. There is no law that it should be secret. But once marked as secret, it is conveniently brought under Official Secrets Act!

The problem is even if one party feels he was harmed, he cannot go to court for relief, because enough proof of misdemeanor not there. But if noting and interpretation is available, prima facie relief from court, is possible. A stay can then be granted citing prima …

Quest for knowledge : 2015 Centenary of General theory of relativity. Gravity still enigmatic!

When entire universe transforms in to mere subatomic suspended particles with no light nor any radiation, the only remainder, (shesha) is gravity in the universe. 
Matter does not get destroyed but gets transformed. 
The fact that mere collection of atomic size matter into molecules and then into globules of mass keeps on increasing the presence of gravity force as we feel but when in particle size apparent indifference by gravity attracts me.
From Bhagavatha the above perception which occurs cyclically 3110400 b years ( solar yrs) truly amazing for me. In between 43.2 b year cycles keep on occurring without total annihilation but kind of hibernation & suspension ...
Well the fact that such numbers and thoughts got conceived hundreds of thousands of years ago, but chronicled aboht 6000 yeears ago and left as record for posterity as knowledge to be known,  truly makes me very diffident to act judgmental on those rishis , with hardly 500 year evolved maths and science still taking fal…

To all my Konkan Railway and Indian Railway friends!

Rajaram Bojji
3 mins ·
Dear Barve, and all my friends who shared the pain and pleasures  along with trials and tribulations in our life together on Konkan Railway!

When Abdul Kalaam asked me if I regret not taking the Assistantship in US offered in 1966 because the same work I did in India , would then have had great impact in world community and India anyway would claim credit because our Indian had done it!

After a moment I said , it was a conscious decision being proud of my country of birth, to choose post graduation when offered in own country , that too invited by IIT as First Ranker in University and forego offer of scholarship abroad.

And it was the will of Sri Krishna!

And I do not regret. The kind of love and commitment I had from friends like you allowed to wander at frontiers of knowledge every day, experiencing the divine joy of discovering some thing new and doing what no one else in the world could do!

For us the journey on the path of knowledge is by itself…

Our state of technology: young want but old refuse!

The first Skybus Prototype station with two coaches and station built by private contributions by Indian Industry and our railway engineers at ZERO cost to railway! Totally Rs 7 cr value of work done by private parties ..which put to shame Railway Board who ordered me not to speak about Skybus! Entire work completed in 90 days! A DO letter from me to CEOs of industries produced this contribution in kind. I am ever grateful to them.
BEML workers worked with me on the shop floor, and we concurrently made drawings and fabrication for the aluminium body coach which is on station side--not directly visible. What a spirit of workers and their zeal to do some thing new! That is India!
The coach you see directly in photo is the World's first glass reinforced with resin , strong as steel, world's largest fiber reinforced fabricated one, and the Goa small scale entrepreneur got international recognition!
This property remained as donation at Margao station by the private pa…