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Paris APM 2011 Presentation 24th May 2011


Lok Pal Bill- do not subvert the Constitution

Public administration & governance issues demand not Twitter and Facebook group pressures and inputs but educated inputs from those who truly understand the principles of government, legislation and jurisprudence.
If we do not want to believe in the capability of Prime Minister and Justices if Supreme Court then, what next?
Is it anchors of Times Now and NDTV and few splinter groups vociferous in protests who should be able rewrite constitutional authorities' fate?
The constitution did provide adequate well thought out processes for punishing these highly placed institutions.
Yes, it is a more difficult process than like punishing a peon.
We cannot create parallel subordinate but having superior authority like Lok Pal compared to Supreme Court and Cabinet of the country.
Too much confused misdirected effort is going on.
What is the key contributor for the various cogs in the wheel of governance to deviate from sworn path of honest discharge of duties?
In my opinion the curr…