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Why Indian scientists are failing to make the international grade?

In my opinion , it is a matter of lack of respect in our society for the scientist. A junior IAS officer moves around with tremendous self-esteem well aware of his importance and proud to be an administrative officer who can make or break things. The awe with which he is treated as our"sarkar" is truly amazing. It is not just IAS but same is the story of all organised services like IPS, IRS, IRSE,IRTS,IRAS etc etc.,

A senior scientist by virtue of long hours of study and research, generally is shy and the archaic rules of control of expenditure and tyranny of the clerk holding out against the demands of a scientist , makes him suffer loss of self-esteem. Dr Bhabha helped set a different bench mark with the blessings of Pandit Nehru and a different world where scientist expresses a desire and the administrative issues are taken care of to satisfy the need, with due reverence. But today things have changed. The clerk simply makes it difficult and the IAS officer posted to make …

A case for outsourcing the governance ....

'Business' of running a government is very attractive says a former IAS officer....
If one state can produce Rs 3000 cr black money, that is what is fueling the black money economy. Political processes and the current process of governance when replaced by the outsourcing model, then the middle men and brokers need vanishes. The number of idle power peddlers will drastically vanish.
Please see:
The operator loves to maximise his profit, and so will assure there is no leakage of revenues. Service quality is measurable and reviewed transparently quarterly through electronic means and so citizens will have direct view of their governance results.
I kind of divisions in the society for the sake of votes, will vanish. The broadbased partyless voting for selecting the Governor and President, the people themselves …

A common man and his nation....

I am not anybody frankly.
Just a common man who lived in the country and the reasons for my writing I place for your perusal.
It is a very complex issue, the state and governance. In anger, the way public servants both organised services and political masters no more are conscious of being servants with a ,purpose, but merely working to benefit themselves and their kith and kin, I wrote an alternative model.
I never owned a car in my service. After retirement good will of some one provided one once in a way, on occasions . Most of the time we walk or use the auto. It costs me Rs 100 a day for transport and since we came back from USA we are forced to go out daily and talking to the auto drivers is a great learning experience. It all starts from hiring to travel. Only 20% drivers you meet who take you on meter.
The life of common man on road is not too pleasant. Fortunately I can afford the auto easily . In fact I can buy a car too. But the traffic conditions scare me off to drive.
But my …

Why not outsource governance of society?

A thought crossed my mind. Why not offer on Design, Finance and administer the society to assure peaceful living with 90% of all the tax income put in an escrow account , assuring a steady income to the private consortium which will run all services, provide infrastructure law and order protection, communications of specified standards?
A contract for 33 years is not bad and may be the Governor of each state may remain as the figure head like Queen of England, except that he gets elected, every 3 to 5 years.
Google, some other construction and infrastructure companies may form a consortium in US and similarly, Reliance, Birlas, Tatas, GMR type infra companies in India, can certainly form consortium and take over delivery of governance. The government offices can be closed down and golden hand shakes can be organised by the same mega-consortium.
Only army is in my scheme kept funded by the 10% of tax revenues and may be some percent of profits of the consortium too. Under control of the P…

Tunnels humble you!

Tunnel is never a child's play. It is a kind of anti-engineering work.

Having lived through close to a hundred of them walking through
collapsing or likely to collapse ones, I feel if I have to do again one
more, it will be with the same level of humility and anticipation of
meeting the umknown if the strata is not regular hard rock.

Finally I told the UN expert in tunnels who rushed out in panic while
visiting the last tough Pernem soft soil tunnel, leaving me behind, that
all methods failed and we are completing the tunnel using "rat"

My guru also abandoned me to as he wanted to do more imp work and left giving me a piece of advise to change the alignment in 1997.

So kept a liquid nitrogen gas tanker with own designed pipe systems
stayed with workers and it was sheer motivation and inspiration of
humans which made that tunnel.

The tanker was more a show piece that we also are pumping liquid
nitrogen etc. To help keep morale high. Repeated collapses drain all
those who s…

My Thoughts on a query about on our ancients' wisdom and current generation's attitudes...

( Reply sent to a very erudite scholar) Sir,
With due respect to your superior scholarship, May I urge you get Sri Madhwacharya's works in Saskrit and study a few ...
Sanskrit language being etymological, needs to be understood and interpreted correctly, you will agree.
If you know Kannada language there are a good number of audio files by Shri Govinda Bannanjee, a renowned Sanskrit Scholar, who actually answers your specific question about women.
There is absolutely no denigration of women in our culture. Gargi and Gayatri are all women and as far as jeeva swarupa is concerned, being pratibimba of the bimba swarupa of the creator himself, there is no difference between men and women.
Many western educated and western oriented thinking processess and attitudes pick up some odd sentences and misquote and mislead to denounce our ancient dharma I believe. Modern secularism only meant how to put down Hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion in that narrow sense. Again caste is one such thing in…

Dr A.S Rao is very kind to me. Thanks to him discovered this info.

Posted on: Saturday, October 02, 2010 11:42 AM
Author: Dr.A.S.Rao
Subject: Innovator Rajaram Bojji WIPO introduced case studies sharing experience of innovators and from India the cases include that of inventor Rajaram Bojji. He is well known in India yet the case makes interesting reading. He is not a programmed researcher but a railway engineer working in operations. His patent Anti Collision Device was valued by PWC at one billion US dollars and he donated the rights to Konkan Railways. In a nation short of Heros- he is my HERO. Read WIPO case:

Are we trying to produce a degraded ill-performing ACD in 30 days?

Dear Sirs, ( addressed to members in Railway Board Government of India)
The on going field adoption trials for multiple lines, for electric locomotives, seem to be aiming at much wider scope of producing some new product other than proven ACD, if what I heard from a filed operative is true. Hope I am wrong. But it is my duty to place on record the implications in public interest so that implementation of ACD is not converted as a case of serious scam and fraud on the nation.
To adopt the proven ACD system , in electrified multiple lines , only two issues are to be studies. How to fix the equipment in locomotives and guard vans, and how the locomotive electronics and ACD system interact without interference from each other. Some shielding and earthing issues will have to be addressed.

The reception of GPS under traction wires is already proven earlier in surveys conducted in these areas, but still that could be one item.
Then mounting the guard ACD, a portable unit, under wire has some el…

Gandhi Ji , Godse and Maoist !

This issue always keeps coming back. Is violence justified for the right cause? Can one offer non-violence in return for violence so that we can change hearts of the violent ?
How about offering amnesty to terrorists and flowers inviting them to place a few more bombs in our trains? How about taking a non-violent walk through the Chattisgarh forests by the DG and Chief Secretary and may be they get massacred, but it is fine...let us change hearts. We can recruit fresh ones to send again? I find most of the times the CRPF jawans seem to be doing the same, lacking the requisite training to kill-- walking peacefully to get blown up. We send more.
Japan committed to non-combat status and suddenly found itself recently at disadvantage with China. Intemperate North Korea, Pakistan seems to have better respect in the world.
Gandhi Ji I respect for humanistic values.But his success came more because the Britisher was also respecting the value system he represented. In current dispensation, suc…