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Arundhati Roy and Maoists of Chattisgarh

Arundhati Roy in Outlook Magazine:
I was reading the entire article very carefully. The jarring note was Arundhati's prejudice exposed in saying" The Maoists are not the only ones who seek to depose the Indian State. It’s already been deposed several times by Hindu fundamentalism and economic totalitarianism."
She writes well and she has the gift of communication. But she also seems to suffer from some strange hallucinations of antipathy towards nations' own ancient cultural history. natural being brainwashed by western education and conditioned to believe that all old and Indian was fundamentalist.
Fact is her statement indicates deep ignorance and also arrogance of her own greatness to say what she likes. Very un- journalistic , considering that she set out to to find out the truth.

Human history shows there has always been clash of civilisations and one group exploiting another.
There has never been a time when full ideal free living without getting exploited by some…

Gravity Power

Free Full-text Worldwide Patent Searching - 10,086,415 patent documents - updated Mar 11, 2010 Patent Lens SearchThe following documents were requested:US 2010/0025160 A1Print this page Back to search results US 2010/0025160 A1 (patent application)Gravity Powered Rail, Road and Runway transportation systems

The ultimate Knowledge comes to the humble seeker!

I received an email detailing the Hindu calendar very well-- attached at the end of my comment.
Yes that is what Sri Bhagavatha says.
The arrow of time since the beginning of current Brahma has progressed only 50 Brahma days!! The total length is 315 trillion years, as worked from the figures and posted at Buzz.
So we have a very young Brhma of only 50 days of his age in to his total of 100 years equal to 315 trillion solar years of ours!

Then since it is 7th Manwantara of 14 per one day of Brhma, practically we are at the noon of Brhma on his 50th day of coming into existence.
Actually it is not correct to call Hinduism as a religion... we are getting trapped by the words of other religions.
Sanatana Dharma is pure knowledge not religion, in a narrow sense. The Jnaana either you gain or you over look. Your choice and it does not matter for the Satya to remain Satya.
The Sanatana Dhrama encompasses all so called religions too as mere works of fantasies of humans, reflecting the prevalence o…

It's official: An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, 65.5m.years ago

If our ancients' calculations are taken, then 65.5 million years ago a devastation of this nature indicates one Mahayuga Sandhi , one of thousand in Bahma's day. It must be in that case being very close to a multiple of the Mahayuga period. I find it is 15.16 Mahayugas, or close to 15 Mahyugas ago from our Mahayuga!! Earlier I had posted how one Mahayuga is 4.32 m solar. years.
Very interesting to me. So the next one can be predicted to be at the end of the balance years left for our Mahayuga to get a species make over, which is about 426700 years from now.
This time I reckon, it may or may not be an asteroid, it could be a solar flare to destroy our silicon chip based civilisation . The rate at which we are progressing now, in another 400 thousand years, we may exist only as simple brains living and working based on wide spread electromagnetic forces and communication , with practically no need for the current physical bodies, but energised from satellites and many large sized …