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I and the Universe!

Even today amongst us there are persons who are quiet and thoughtful, who do not speak out much, gentle, compassionate, never get angry, nor lose temper, give wise counsel when needed but never attempt to prevail or force themselves on others, praise they take equally nonchalantly as humiliation, truthful, on rare occasions try to tell some thing more about what they are aware but stop when they find the impossibility of communicating the same to even believers leave alone non-believers, and they remain so nondescript by modern standards!

For the universe whether a human agrees or not is immaterial, but it is amazing to see humans acting with such snobbish approach, saying "I don't believe, I don't accept" ---as if the universe is waiting for this gentleman's approval to proceed!

The fact of the matter is displaying cheap magic is not the way universe functions, the universe itself is the magic and so full of mysteries beyond our imagination but how can a blind ma…

Prahalad tops the list of the top 50 thinkers of the world

WoW I am truly fortunate to have had a personal interaction with this truly gentle soul !

It was in 2003 winter , if I recollect correctly, when Tie organisation was in Goa being addressed by Ministers of Govt.of Goa and the members were all in a seaside resort relaxing. Well I happened to be one of the invitees and that was the time I completed the Skybus full scale prototype , with the help of private funding, of a value of Rs 7 cr, with Ministry refusing support. WHen I was telling my story, the members including President of Tie and Prahalad got so excited that they wanted to visit the Margao station almost, 20 km away. But the function was still going on at the hotel and dinner was also an official one.

But they said let us go at night 10.30PM, when we could leave the hotel, to the consternation of a few better-halves, who did not want to join the late night outing.

But we did go. Till midnight we spent at the world's first Prototype stdying the deatils climbing even up in to th…