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Democarcy is for courageous & vigilant people- case of Telengana agitation has much deeper implications!

We basically lack some courageous leaders within Telengana who can refute with facts and figures the lies spread amongst students and villagers. Even educated classes like lawyers speak the same irrational voilent language of seeing blood and butchering from the steps of High Court, saying they had been oppressed! Not a single sane voice around!
It is amazing the Nazi type of atmosphere overnight in Hyderabad! We are truly a fragile society. Such meekness in intellectuals leaving the stage to people who only speak in rhetoric and emotional outbursts , further calling it as the most sensitive issue!! In what way I never understood. What is the problem?
Self rule is talked about as if it is an independence movement from some foreign rulers!. Independence from whom? Are people not electing their rulers in this area? Even lawyers joining the chorus is ridiculous to say the least and then the media with very young journalists with wide eyes and loud noises creating cacophony with jumpin…

Whither India!

We have hordes of bureaucrats keeping records and Planning Commission too compiles district wise statistics, to arrive at the most backward areas etc for special Prime Minister's assistance. Telling facts should not be a problem. But why the media also is falling in the trap making vague statements without bothering to get at the facts. What is a backward district? What are the parameters? Have some bench marks.In independent India, it is ridiculous of fight for independence as in Telengana!Elected people's representatives rule. Loss of self-respect etc and rhetoric of investors being called blood suckers , are unbelievable, but actually happening in the Republic Of India! China stopped using such words long time back. Media too is acting very strangely with no editor picking up seriously the issue and analysing to arrive at truth. Meantime emotional outbursts putting young students in the forefront , who are being used as shield by selfish political leaders, who lost election…