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Kejriwal answered well, but then what next?

While Kejriwal's reply is as per expected lines a class I officer would have drafted when placed in the position he found himself, does not help the cause except grabbing the headlines in press.

These are well known facts and as mentioned by him they are any number of movies depicting the scene prevailing , over the last two decades.

Why the corrupt are so much attracted to hold government power? Why industrialists invest to get in to parliament ? Why the candidates spend so much money in elections to win?

It is for the same reason a contractor seeks to get a contract- to make money. A business proposition. But how the government is able to attract so many and so fast? The risk to reward balance in abusing the government power heavily favours the reward seekers, because the wonderful facility of hiding the files and the process, while issuing public orders to favour arbitrarily throwing the norms out of the window.

And further, the government machinery is used to deny documents nee…

Whither Indian Railway?

Earlier we used to to have a few dedicated engineers with vision on future and truly struggled with single point concentration passionately think and evolve the strategy for the capital intensive track modernisation and renewals in time so that we do not face spate of accidents stretching the infrastructure to its failure limits.

But in spite of such efforts, finally the system had to go through very painful anguished time of a spate of accidents, punishment to a number of good people too, before wisdom prevailed and the infrastructure revived.

A period of peace many enjoyed. Now the phase of looking ahead and planning for what next is due to be done in next decade is arising. Traffic densities have almost doubled, and we cannot afford to cripple the system, dropping the traffic for the sake of infrasrtucture renewal and up-gradation.

A holistic plan must be drawn out particularly factoring in new realities of social milieu.

The usual turf wars, myopic short term goal oriented pass th…

A prayer for issue of writ of habeas corpus to Government of India in public interest not to deny level playing field in availing justice in India

Honourable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India,

Your Honour,

Sub: A prayer for issue of writ of habeas corpus to Government of India in public interest not to deny level playing field in availing justice in India to aggrieved by orders of Government of India or any public authority in India

Whenever Government or any competent authority decides and issues a public order concerning public assets or infrastructure or a project, while one party gets advantage of such an order, there is always other stakeholders who feel aggrieved because of losing own assets or adversely impacting their life style or business, and would like to avail their basic right of seeking a judicial review.

But in the current practice of government , the files are kept secret, while government orders are public. For secret matters, not open for public to know, it is fine to keep secret files, in the larger national interest. In such secret matters, the orders there of also remain secret.

However in all oth…