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Is Anna team leaving the fountainhead of corruption intact and sound?

Will Anna Hazare's effort go total waste? The team is missing the root cause of all our evils. The corrupt hanker for top powerful posts, to convert power in to gold. The effective tool is the privilege of secrecy of closed file, while govt issues public order. Through this mechanism arbitrarily, against public interest they can work, make their money and flee. By the time discovered, investigated and court proceedings get started, they already are well beyond reach and their wealth also helps manipulate theses processes.

If the current national arousal of interest to improve the country, is leveraged to approach Supreme Court, to force the government to web post every closed file just as the order is finalised, so that in real time, both the order and full basis of issuing the order is available for any consequent judicial remedy if need be, then there is no scope of making money and fleeing the scene.

Once corrupt lose interest in government, because they cannot make gold here, th…

Anna has come and gone- what next?

It keeps recurring back to my mind how from the time British left us, we the former subjects of the Empire, were forced to accept the Executive privilege of keeping the process of governance secret from us, the lowly natives and mere subjects.

At that time also chosen few of us served the Empire, or worked pro-actively with them,like businessmen and royal families as well as rich land lords.

Then the loot from the country got carried away to London while they developed infrastructure like railways, roads or cities or sold clothes for us at prices we are not told about.

Those who helped thus are shown gratitude by the government by conferring titles and special gun salutes etc.

Today also we continue to be the same subjects, businessmen, landlords in the form of political class proactively work with the government, and continue to use the same Executive privilege of keeping things secret from us and stash the loot abroad developing infrastructure and implementing public purpose projects at…

Enjoy the journey, thinking! The Universe is so wonderful!

Through a tiny pinhole not well cut, we try to view the beauty of the universe, of indefinite age, or at least 2billion years old, from within, not knowing where to look nor knowing what to expect, with some principles mostly accepted as probably right most of the time, by our own reckoning, evolved only in the last 500 years!

We naturally get confused and think in circles.

Just a matter of small interest- in Bhgavatha it is said a King takes his daughter to visit Satyaloka for getting recommendation for a good husband and gets delayed by a few seconds, waiting to see Brahma & then to reach back our Earths' kakhya ( Orbit?) to find the yugas changed and he was no more King etc!! She becomes wife of Balrama, much younger than herself. Her name Revathi. The time scale mentioned is that one second in Satyaloka is 100 solar years- So one day of 24 hours means 24x 3600=86,400 seconds or 8,640,000 solar years! But this calculation is at variance with 8.64 b years mentioned---May be…

Our new generation leaders on plank of honesty : why knowingly they are misleading us?

What JP is doing is the same as done by other politicians. May be the issues to day get attention by such acts- similar to what Chandra Babu or Jagan or Nrayana or Raghavulu. The same pattern. For years leaders had put up such shows and villagers hopefully get impressed.TV grabs of Police arresting and releasing within one hour seems to be the only achievement.

Wish a more intelligent leader like JP or Kiran Bedi or Kejriwal- start a new generation of leadership - to make an effort to first identify the problem correctly and then have a strategic approach to make moves to attack the problem.

Surprising for me to watch these respected ex-bureaucrats continue to still protect their class by not cutting at the root of our malaise.- the abuse of administrative interest plank to hold back the revelation of the process of governance. The administrative interest argument is valid to keep the process secret in a file only till the order is processed and issued affecting public interest. But onc…

We are living in 1,972,944,456th year!

Vedas say that before the creation of the universe Lord Vishnu is sleeping in the ocean of all causes. His bed is a giant serpent with thousands of cobra like hoods. By the way, in the trinity of Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer as mentioned in the vedas, Lord Vishnu is the maintainer. Brahma is the creator and Shiva the destroyer.
While Vishnu is asleep, a lotus sprouts of his navel (note that navel is symbolised as the root of creation!). Inside this lotus, Brahma resides. Brahma represents the universe which we all live in, and it is this Brahma who creates life forms.
Now take a break here. Vishnu is the personification of the eternal multiverse that exists forever without any beginning or end. Brahma is the personification of our temporary physical universe that was created in the big bang.
Brahma is said to have been created from the navel (which is a single point) of Vishnu, described as a lotus blooming out of the navel, much like our big bang universe. Now this universe represe…

An appeal to Supreme Court to restore balance back!


Hon'ble Chief Justice Shri S.H. Kapadia
Supreme Court
New Delhi


Sub: Fast eroding institutional credibility in IAS and other organised services and the constitutional positions of Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers as well as Chief Minsters in states.-A prayer for your kind consideration from an anguished ex government servant and citizen of India.

The recent incidents of CBI arresting Home Secretary of a State or Principal Secretary for purpose of "investigation" and sending them to jail as if they are criminals with history sheets, and then threatening Minsters indirectly with arrest and jail and actually doing the same to even a working Chief Minster, all are adding up to a situation where soon similar fate can fall on the Judges of courts too .

With steady erosion of credibility in the systems, honest person like Anna Hazare, could mobilise millions of citizens across the country, creating practically some kind of mob fury,which may take an ugly turn nex…

A story keeps you reflecting up on for quite some time..

How CBI vs a senior bureaucrat arrested for inquiry interact- a fictitious visualisation:

The official of CBI generally a Dy SP from normal police service; let us call CBI (O) and the accused white collar criminal may be of a rank of Secretary, equal to DGP ; let us call WCC:

CBI(o): Sir, why did u write the note at file page number so and so?

WCC: Which file and which page and what note?

CBI(o): Do not act funny, Sir. You know it.

WCC: Look I handle thousands of files in service, and cannot remember all the files. The reasons why I write anything is already recorded there and and have nothing to add now.

CBI(o): But, Sir, tell if you have some secret resons, or you received some gratification for what you have written?

WCC: I am an honest man. Why don't you check if I have assets disproportionate to my earnings. I write purely based on facts available at that time on file, and based on the policy of that time.I deny doing anything under duress or for gratification. I believed that I was…