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B. Rajaram FNAE Dt 25th August 2007 Director Atri Knowledge Embedded Infrastructure Lab P ltd. Hyderabad Transport mode for inter-city connectivity for people and goods: a wise choice!
The requirements for inter-city connectivity must be first understood before offering a solution. The common mistake is one falls in love with an available product, then go about canvassing the same without concern for its suitability socially, technically and financially.
Let us take two cases: cities within 500 km and those at around 1000km distance.
The social requirements are environment friendly, least time consuming, and energy efficient system, which is affordable and comfortable. The point to point total travel time is important- one should talk of heart of city to heart of another city. There is no point in rushing and reaching a city outskirts in two hours and then spend another two hours to commute in the city to reach your destination. Inter-modal transfers should be minimised and practicall…

Retrospecting about my country while in USA

I keep thinking of my country so rich in resources and human capital but so poor in organising and managing to unlock the value! The political and administrative structure has effectively blocked all honest technologically innovative initiatives in favour of imports from abroad. The fact that Indian accounts in swiss banks hold US$ 1.4 trillion as published in press speaks volumes. No wonder our technologies of Skybus or Anti-collision device network take pretty long time to be implemented quickly, because our own administrative structure which has to deliver, is more anxious to get from abroad what is needed and view Indian initiatives with disdain. The common man ishelpless and continues to lose his wealth and gets more and more burdened with national debt. Further the inflation is fueled by unproductive expenditures by the government and we see the results today. When will wisdom dawn in our rulers that they cannot become wealthy by making people poor- that is an unsustainable econ…