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Prevention of criminal governance


1. Welcome friends. Late Justice Verma analysed & concluded failure of governance as root cause for Delhi rape

2. In my opinion it is not just failed governance, but criminal governance is at the root, corrupting all.

3. Laws can never PREVENT crime. Deterrence & fear absent under criminal governance.

4. Why so many criminals fight elections heavily investing for govt power? Obviously not for public service.

5.Trillion rupee govt cash flow , to SECRETLY allocate contracts& favour with public assets enriching selves

6. Keyword SECRET. The current process of governance allows govt to issue orders , keep file secret.

7. Stakes of managing trillion rupee cash flows of govt, very high. Corrupt prevent honest rising to power

8. The rule of law compromised, when govt executives secretly interpret rules against public interest

9. Govt issuing orders thus from secret files under law, is passing judgment in secrecy. No SC judge can do!

10. Remember every…