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Gulf Oil spill disaster- my comments in Washington Post

Comment on: Gulf Coast reeling as BP 'top kill' effort failsat 5/30/2010 2:09 PM EDT Liquid nitrogen in tanks to be lowered down to the area and released near the blow out and around the pipe there to freeze the water body into a thick ice block stopping the gushing oil has been my suggestion to BP. Simple and effective but will give immediate relief. Having controlled ecological disasater engineering repairs can continue. Intermettent supply of liquid nitrogen will keep the frozen water mass seal at minus 30 deg . BP is not listening. Hope some one can get head of BP to listen. Comment on: BP readies mud and robots to try to plug oil wellat 5/25/2010 3:47 PM EDT I would imagine the fastest solution could have been to lower 5 to 6 tankers of liquid nitrogen , arranged in circular formation to surround the oil blow out, and release remotely the hatchets. This would freeze the entire water mass around into frozen mass, not allowing any oil to leak out. It gives time to put in place…

More than 70 in derailed and fouling coaches, killed by a train rushing on adjacent track 28 May 2010

The death of 70 persons in Midnapore is avoidable had there been just a minute of gap between the crossing of goods train at the location of derailment, if only ACDs are available on the trains.
There is no other international technology available at any cost to address this type of accident to protect lives, except ACD.
All of Railway Board are well aware of the proven functionalities of the ACD.
It is a pity all the more that ultimately the very person who initiated ACD, Mamata Didi in 2000 , is unable to get benefit of the same. Her own people in Midnapore could have been saved.
It is pity and karma of my countrymen that all good people look so helpless tied with strings and tapes of files, while lives are lost.
Whatever chance we can give for people to survive we should strive to give.
Else it is the greatest disservice to our nation, that too in an organised manner.
May the souls rest in peace.

Gain control on currencies of other nations is better than conquering physically !

The People's Bank of China said in a statement that a Financial Times report that the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) was concerned about its exposure to euro zone debt was groundless.The central bank said Europe would remain one of China's main investment markets and Beijing would support actions to help the European Union resolve its debt

Schools in India and concertina wire barricades...
"BANGALORE: Armed guards with walkie-talkies at entrance gates 24X7. Concertina wires on iron grills on boundary walls, concealing CCTVs. Sounds like regular security at a VIP residence? Not really, this could be the school your child might soon be going to. ....."
Today our State is reluctant to punish a terrorist even after Supreme Court upheld the conviction, fearing law and order problem, as opined by Delhi State government. SO file stays back.
The uniformed men of the state do not have protection of fundamental rights even to protect themselves leave alone the citizens.
But terrorists enjoy unfettered freedom and also all the rights enshrined in our constitution and are entitled to protection by the venerable press too.
So schools and parents have to cope with the reality of the local urban mafia, the state taxes, the under the table payments to the state officia…

F16 and our "restless" brain..Royal Society's take!

It stuck me as a genius whoever designed the F16... pilots have to be absolutely alert and true fighters remain agile every split second!Same way 'I' as pilot of our constant "restless brain" have got to be alert every split second , not to be led astray! But when we join an organised service in Government, it is like a stable passenger plane... quite restful with occasional exciting club games like pipping some one in the race for promotion! much as this collection answers important questions, it raises and emphasizes outstanding ones. How are experiences coded optimally to afford using them for predictions? What is the mechanism underlying reconstruction, and how do we construct a new simulation from separate memories? How specific in detail are future-related mental simulations, and when do they rely on imagery, concepts or language? What is the difference in mechanism and cortical underpinnings o…