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How to make Indian research in science &technology world class!

Instead of constantly whining why India with so much intelligence and talent is so low in world rankings, honest reflection leaving shit ends of political correctness , helps.

Dalits instead of being helped by affirmative action committ suicides , getting frustrated in Ph D programmes. Then those guides famous for ensuring degree, reportedly collect Rs 100,000 to agree to guide a student. The scholarships / special stipends make it a lucrative business to manufacture Ph D.Blame games aplenty mark the university administration. Accountability of Professors in autonomous institutions and tyranny faced by simple honest students falling on the wrong side of line of acceptance on personal matters , truly cloud the atmosphere.

Instead of academics politics occupy the space in many a university.

Any talk of reform or quality improvement every one happily join the band wagon to increase remuneration or infrastructure and more and more funds for foreign jaunts. Easier to dump money , govt inc…