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Churchgate-Virar Skybus Metro Rail option

Doc: Atrilab.skybus.mumbai.080327.v.1.01
Why not Skybus Standard Gauge Metro rail?
This technology can permit rail transport without disturbing the existing buildings and along the suburban tracks.
Times of India 26 March 08
“Be It Railways Or Airlines, City Now Looks To Be On Fast Track

Elevated rail corridor plan gathers steam Devraj Dasgupta | TNN
Mumbai: In a super-quick followup to the railway budget announcement of an elevated corridor from Churchgate to Virar, a high-level delegation from the Railway Board will be in Mumbai on March 27 to brief interested bidders on the ground realities. The ministry’s mandarins will elicit the response of interested parties the very next day at a prebid meeting in New Delhi.
Western Railway officials, however, say that the stretch from Churchgate to Mumbai Central neither needs nor allows for an elevated corridor. “There is scarcely any free space alongside the tracks between Churchgate and Mumbai Central. The tracks are surrounded by im…

Airports-city connectivity

It is truly a sad method of planning the current modern airports at Hyderabad and Bangalore in India. No proper thought has gone into connectivity to the cities they serve. It is not a case of conecting one point in city to the airport- a multi-point connectivity from city to the airport is needed. This can be achieved without modal split with Skybus Metro rail which can deliver the passengers and their luggage to the airport security hold directly from multi-point access in the city. We have solution for providing a holistic approach to the transport problem but why sanity does not prevail in our rulers is the moot point.