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To all my Konkan Railway and Indian Railway friends!

Rajaram Bojji
3 mins ·
Dear Barve, and all my friends who shared the pain and pleasures  along with trials and tribulations in our life together on Konkan Railway!

When Abdul Kalaam asked me if I regret not taking the Assistantship in US offered in 1966 because the same work I did in India , would then have had great impact in world community and India anyway would claim credit because our Indian had done it!

After a moment I said , it was a conscious decision being proud of my country of birth, to choose post graduation when offered in own country , that too invited by IIT as First Ranker in University and forego offer of scholarship abroad.

And it was the will of Sri Krishna!

And I do not regret. The kind of love and commitment I had from friends like you allowed to wander at frontiers of knowledge every day, experiencing the divine joy of discovering some thing new and doing what no one else in the world could do!

For us the journey on the path of knowledge is by itself…

Our state of technology: young want but old refuse!

The first Skybus Prototype station with two coaches and station built by private contributions by Indian Industry and our railway engineers at ZERO cost to railway! Totally Rs 7 cr value of work done by private parties ..which put to shame Railway Board who ordered me not to speak about Skybus! Entire work completed in 90 days! A DO letter from me to CEOs of industries produced this contribution in kind. I am ever grateful to them.
BEML workers worked with me on the shop floor, and we concurrently made drawings and fabrication for the aluminium body coach which is on station side--not directly visible. What a spirit of workers and their zeal to do some thing new! That is India!
The coach you see directly in photo is the World's first glass reinforced with resin , strong as steel, world's largest fiber reinforced fabricated one, and the Goa small scale entrepreneur got international recognition!
This property remained as donation at Margao station by the private pa…