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Rice physicists find reappearing quantum trios

Rice physicists find reappearing quantum trios

CAT and the mess in India

I am amazed at the stupidity of the CAT and IIMs put together, who for conducting on line tests first of all chosen some outside resource while our IT resources are much better if not euqlly well equipped.
In Konkan Railway , I had been conducting since 1999, on line refresher courses for which entire study material and sample question papers for training too were made available, as well qualifying tests for the ASMs and drivers , where the servers produce randomly selected questions to be answered from the comfort of their office itself and used successfully over years when I was there. I am sure the systems must be continuing. The entire process was designed and implemented on the UNIX servers in house by my own IT department.
When internet is used, we need to use secure servers and either TCS or INFOSYS could have delivered this service so easily. The CAT could not even produce test papers without repeating the questions!! Why did they hand over this job to some US agency and allowe…

2012..what I foresee in relation to Maya prediction and other UC Berkeley scientists too that humans are in danger of becoming extinct!

Our ancients say we are only 5000 years into the 432000 years of the Kali Yuga, in this Manvantara( 28th?) each Manvantara about some 10x 432000 years.. so the destructive phase is still more than 425000 years away.
Well these numbers are quite beyond my perception of time which I can experience.
Even Maya prediction suffers from interpretation version is a life style change, a shift in values and power centers of the planet to affect human life in a big way is expected to be triggered. Like the Mayans' own way of life and their calendar were sort of gone out of existence due to external aggression and new value systems got imposed on them years ago.
Let us imagine what can suddenly alter our value systems? Well I am always amused at the ferocity with which gay marriage and union seems to have attained a position of such importance today in the society in many a country and such same sex marriage is called hard won freedom by the TV and even BBC channels ...More often th…

Moneylife covers Gravity Powered Transportation

No takers for indigenous gravity-based rapid transport system

The gravity-based technology that could power transport systems was patented a year ago. However, corporate and government involvement to develop the prototype is still not forthcoming

Rajaram Bojji’s breakthrough in gravity can help India and the world save a huge quantity of energy consumed for transportation services. To get this patented gravity technology, all that Mr Bojji is waiting for is a corporate or governmental nod to take the first step forward and a small amount of Rs 25 crore to develop the prototype.Mr Bojii holds several patents and is the former managing director of Konkan Railway. This gravity-based technology involves conversion of potential or stored energy like gravity into kinetic or moving energy to facilitate transportation. As per one of Mr Bojji’s presentations, using this approach, transportation is possible at a speed of 210 km per hour through rail from city to city. Gravity can transport carg…

UID Project of India-a few reflections!

B. RAJARAM M.Tech., IRSE., FIE., FNAEFmr. MD Konkan Railway/ Chairman Computer Society of India, Navi Mumbai Chapter/ Member Empowerd Board,ITER Dept of Atomic Energy,Govt of IndiaResearch Scholar

TO Shri Nandan Nilekani and Shri N. Vittal UiD Project Government of India
Sub: Sharing a few thoughts for success of the project.

A number symbol scheme for UiD for any human on the planet with a short 6 qualified-digit long string
India is launching in a big way to grant a unique ID for more than a billion population. This gives an opportunity to develop a universal scheme for all humans on the planet to have one ID An attempt to is made to develop an outline for such a scheme.

Identification through a set of parameters which include not only the usual appearance and place of birth, but also profiling the life and the network of relationships with other humans and society makes the picture complete and more reliable.

We need for every human for identifying uniquely …

Why so much of anguish for brick and mortar while losing basic enlightenment of just being humane?

The material on Taj Mahal , written by Prof. Oak, has been circulated on the internet many number of times by different people. Well actually no one denies also.. except Government of India turns a blind eye. Even when BJP was in power, they chose to keep quiet.
Same with Ayodhya-- a Muslim ASI officer confirmed to me in person , while in Goa, that when they got complete proof that it was not Babri masjid but a Hindu temple... the bosses, were told to remove the reports and he was one of the officers admonished too, that was soon after independence. Interestingly, that Muslim Officer painstakingly studied all the ancient puranas and was thorough with the vedic time scales- and was open with praise for the many orders superior knowledge base of ancients and was feeling sorry for many of his own Hindu colleagues and bosses, who take pride in not knowing their own country's ancient history. In fact he presented me with a set of his own collection of puranas--- after a debate and discu…

I and the Universe!

Even today amongst us there are persons who are quiet and thoughtful, who do not speak out much, gentle, compassionate, never get angry, nor lose temper, give wise counsel when needed but never attempt to prevail or force themselves on others, praise they take equally nonchalantly as humiliation, truthful, on rare occasions try to tell some thing more about what they are aware but stop when they find the impossibility of communicating the same to even believers leave alone non-believers, and they remain so nondescript by modern standards!

For the universe whether a human agrees or not is immaterial, but it is amazing to see humans acting with such snobbish approach, saying "I don't believe, I don't accept" ---as if the universe is waiting for this gentleman's approval to proceed!

The fact of the matter is displaying cheap magic is not the way universe functions, the universe itself is the magic and so full of mysteries beyond our imagination but how can a blind ma…

Prahalad tops the list of the top 50 thinkers of the world

WoW I am truly fortunate to have had a personal interaction with this truly gentle soul !

It was in 2003 winter , if I recollect correctly, when Tie organisation was in Goa being addressed by Ministers of Govt.of Goa and the members were all in a seaside resort relaxing. Well I happened to be one of the invitees and that was the time I completed the Skybus full scale prototype , with the help of private funding, of a value of Rs 7 cr, with Ministry refusing support. WHen I was telling my story, the members including President of Tie and Prahalad got so excited that they wanted to visit the Margao station almost, 20 km away. But the function was still going on at the hotel and dinner was also an official one.

But they said let us go at night 10.30PM, when we could leave the hotel, to the consternation of a few better-halves, who did not want to join the late night outing.

But we did go. Till midnight we spent at the world's first Prototype stdying the deatils climbing even up in to th…

Infosys Global Knowledge Center- Sonia inaugurates. should Indian railways emulate?

I totally agree and this reminds me of a paper I submitted long time back for a 5 year cycle of technology up gradation while I was in RDSO. But, a few more years down the line and experience with ACD technology and Skybus, I have some reservations too.
The technical and mental gaps develop rather too fast in services leading to in home technology getting outdated, with fixation for tenders, audit and vigilance. The excellent persons who enter the service, get too many knocks and the they end up as conditioned zombies, too scared to cross the lines to show any courage. Herd mentality takes over.
Infosys like infrastructure will result in mere training to stick to the same herd mentality only and reinforces the rut in which we keep running.
More importantly a need to be competitive with rewards for manging the inherent risks of innovation and remaining at the cutting edge, causing zeal to deliver and the excitement of working at the leading edge of technology development in own field of …

A new approach intuitively looks plausible- inflection points and system behaviour

What Wall Street and nature have in common When a big change is coming, there are telltale signs, scientists find By Clara Moskowitz LiveScience staff writer LiveScience updated 8:51 p.m. ET Sept. 2, 2009 When a big change is coming — be it in ocean circulation patterns, wildlife populations, or even the global economy — it is often heralded by telltale signs, scientists have found.In many man-made and natural systems, conditions reach a tipping point when a major transition occurs and the system shifts from one state to another. Now researchers say they can begin to predict these tipping points by searching for universal early warning signs."At first we were surprised that yes, actually critical transitions in the brain could have a fundamental similarity to critical transitions in financial markets or ecology," said lead researcherMarten Scheffer of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. "It’s a radical idea but when you think about it, it makes sense. Whatever system it…

Pointless debate on Pokharan II of India

With due respect to Dr Iyengar, but for Vajpayee, India would never have conducted the test. Congress always resisted any such test and even recently PM said it was a mistake.It is good that a test happened and some results came out. In nuclear explosion whether it is fission or fusion damage is adequate and for deterrence the capability is is all that is needed and not perfect yields.
I always wondered in how many silos truly ICBMs which work exist in USA and erstwhile USSR, considering the military-industry collaboration as well political involvement, in the high budget programme. Hardly 2% would be real enough to help to set off the chain reaction of nuclear war.. and when the war takes place whether a large number are fake or not will be immaterial. There cannot any audit after nuclear war on the planet. With this assurance, human ingenuity is such that greed takes over and profit margins could have been boosted, putting up only some shells which rise and go back with some inert ma…

Sethna and Santhanam likes should act more responsibly!

What a fall for our country? Some where a sense of national pride and patriotism are missing.
It is not Chinese nor Pakistanis who are our enemies. We are our own greatest enemies.
What is that the great guys like Sethnas and Santhanams trying to prove?
TV bites have become so important after decades of silence?
National security issues are dealt in a more sensitive manner. People who held high positions have one golden rule to observe--- to keep mum.
Ugly scenes created now go to prove that our seniors are walking into traps set up by a very sophisticated Perception Management Corporation well paid by a foreign power, who opened up a war front where Indians innocently are walking in with eyes closed.
All the polish and glory is being washed off from our space agencies achievements... Arihant is launched and immediately we have a concerted move to discredit Atomic agency and their work.
Hope wisdom will prevail to see through the sophisticated games of the new world controlled by perceptio…

Game Theory application for world events: Bueno de Mesquita

That’s where Bueno de Mesquita began programming his computer model. It is based loosely on Black’s voter theory, and it works like this: To predict how leaders will behave in a conflict, Bueno de Mesquita starts with a specific prediction he wants to make, then interviews four or five experts who know the situation well. He identifies the stakeholders who will exert pressure on the outcome (typically 20 or 30 players) and gets the experts to assign values to the stakeholders in four categories: What outcome do the players want? How hard will they work to get it? How much clout can they exert on others? How firm is their resolve? Each value is expressed as a number on its own arbitrary scale, like 0 to 200. (Sometimes Bueno de Mesquita skips the experts, simply reads newspaper and journal articles and generates his own list of players and numbers.) For example, in the case of Iran’s bomb, Bueno de Mesquita set Ahmadinejad’s preferred outcome at 180 and, on a scale of 0 to 100, his des…

Bank for International settlements estimated derivative products at over $ 600 trillion

It sound s crazy but our minds would like to believe otherwise. It is interesting to think like olden days detective investigating a "crime", who benefits at the end of this cycle of trade imbalances?
Fall of dollar is equivalent to the 3rd world war, and may be I feel the end of cold war was bad-- it removed a constraint in the system. Unconstrained unipolar world, led USA to indulge in free unlimited consumption, seeking the inevitable constraint, and now the impact of hitting the constraint could be the economic center of gravity will move to China. Dollar may lose its position as the reserve currency, if more nations start trading oil in non-dollar terms, and year over year dollar investments by others get dried up.
The upheaval will certainly have collateral damages. Only rich fat cats took advantage of the stimulus because, only the same rich fat cats who failed the nation, remained in charge of distributing the largess. Darwin's theory works; self-preservation come…

Reservations and my country

Constitutional provisions will apply to all in the country not just to the Government. If one says the law of the land has to be followed, then even if you are not affiliated to Government sponsored recognitions, the fact you operate from the land can make the provisions applicable whether privately funded or public funded.
Exclusive "minority" institutions have been interpreted to get protection under Art 14 but well- an aggressive strident government can still call the shots, if the institutions are engaged only in education and professional courses and not in strictly religious studies dedicated to their group.
A large number of seats already are in excess and we are unable to get candidates. Expand capacity so much both for education and employment that we may lose the need for distributing the largess and reservations will lose any meaning.
Down trodden need help but not necessary to be at the cost of hardworking deserving persons.


ANATOMY OF VAIRAGYATOWARDS UNDERSTANDING THE HUMAN RAMA’S EXEGESIS-Dr V.V.B.Rama Rao, NoidaVairagya is not just a passing mental condition but a mature and ripe psychological state where the human mind-heart-will becomes free, with no attachments, no desires and no yearning for power pelf or fame. It is a secure composure which is above desire, passion or attachment.  Certain terms in our philosophy and thinking defy single word equivalents.  Being subtle concepts, they need explanation to people who are not familiar with Hindu concepts. It is thought best to retain the terms without attempting to ‘translate’ them, while indicating their meaning at length.IntroductionProfessional Personality Building Preceptors believe that living is an art. But there are arts and arts and sciences and sciences.  We live in age where everything is made or made out to be a science.  I believe that living is more a science than an art for sanatana dharma, the pristine way of living is both analytical an…