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2012..what I foresee in relation to Maya prediction and other UC Berkeley scientists too that humans are in danger of becoming extinct!

Our ancients say we are only 5000 years into the 432000 years of the Kali Yuga, in this Manvantara( 28th?) each Manvantara about some 10x 432000 years.. so the destructive phase is still more than 425000 years away.
Well these numbers are quite beyond my perception of time which I can experience.
Even Maya prediction suffers from interpretation version is a life style change, a shift in values and power centers of the planet to affect human life in a big way is expected to be triggered. Like the Mayans' own way of life and their calendar were sort of gone out of existence due to external aggression and new value systems got imposed on them years ago.
Let us imagine what can suddenly alter our value systems? Well I am always amused at the ferocity with which gay marriage and union seems to have attained a position of such importance today in the society in many a country and such same sex marriage is called hard won freedom by the TV and even BBC channels ...More often th…

Moneylife covers Gravity Powered Transportation

No takers for indigenous gravity-based rapid transport system

The gravity-based technology that could power transport systems was patented a year ago. However, corporate and government involvement to develop the prototype is still not forthcoming

Rajaram Bojji’s breakthrough in gravity can help India and the world save a huge quantity of energy consumed for transportation services. To get this patented gravity technology, all that Mr Bojji is waiting for is a corporate or governmental nod to take the first step forward and a small amount of Rs 25 crore to develop the prototype.Mr Bojii holds several patents and is the former managing director of Konkan Railway. This gravity-based technology involves conversion of potential or stored energy like gravity into kinetic or moving energy to facilitate transportation. As per one of Mr Bojji’s presentations, using this approach, transportation is possible at a speed of 210 km per hour through rail from city to city. Gravity can transport carg…

UID Project of India-a few reflections!

B. RAJARAM M.Tech., IRSE., FIE., FNAEFmr. MD Konkan Railway/ Chairman Computer Society of India, Navi Mumbai Chapter/ Member Empowerd Board,ITER Dept of Atomic Energy,Govt of IndiaResearch Scholar

TO Shri Nandan Nilekani and Shri N. Vittal UiD Project Government of India
Sub: Sharing a few thoughts for success of the project.

A number symbol scheme for UiD for any human on the planet with a short 6 qualified-digit long string
India is launching in a big way to grant a unique ID for more than a billion population. This gives an opportunity to develop a universal scheme for all humans on the planet to have one ID An attempt to is made to develop an outline for such a scheme.

Identification through a set of parameters which include not only the usual appearance and place of birth, but also profiling the life and the network of relationships with other humans and society makes the picture complete and more reliable.

We need for every human for identifying uniquely …

Why so much of anguish for brick and mortar while losing basic enlightenment of just being humane?

The material on Taj Mahal , written by Prof. Oak, has been circulated on the internet many number of times by different people. Well actually no one denies also.. except Government of India turns a blind eye. Even when BJP was in power, they chose to keep quiet.
Same with Ayodhya-- a Muslim ASI officer confirmed to me in person , while in Goa, that when they got complete proof that it was not Babri masjid but a Hindu temple... the bosses, were told to remove the reports and he was one of the officers admonished too, that was soon after independence. Interestingly, that Muslim Officer painstakingly studied all the ancient puranas and was thorough with the vedic time scales- and was open with praise for the many orders superior knowledge base of ancients and was feeling sorry for many of his own Hindu colleagues and bosses, who take pride in not knowing their own country's ancient history. In fact he presented me with a set of his own collection of puranas--- after a debate and discu…