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Infosys Global Knowledge Center- Sonia inaugurates. should Indian railways emulate?

I totally agree and this reminds me of a paper I submitted long time back for a 5 year cycle of technology up gradation while I was in RDSO. But, a few more years down the line and experience with ACD technology and Skybus, I have some reservations too.
The technical and mental gaps develop rather too fast in services leading to in home technology getting outdated, with fixation for tenders, audit and vigilance. The excellent persons who enter the service, get too many knocks and the they end up as conditioned zombies, too scared to cross the lines to show any courage. Herd mentality takes over.
Infosys like infrastructure will result in mere training to stick to the same herd mentality only and reinforces the rut in which we keep running.
More importantly a need to be competitive with rewards for manging the inherent risks of innovation and remaining at the cutting edge, causing zeal to deliver and the excitement of working at the leading edge of technology development in own field of …

A new approach intuitively looks plausible- inflection points and system behaviour

What Wall Street and nature have in common When a big change is coming, there are telltale signs, scientists find By Clara Moskowitz LiveScience staff writer LiveScience updated 8:51 p.m. ET Sept. 2, 2009 When a big change is coming — be it in ocean circulation patterns, wildlife populations, or even the global economy — it is often heralded by telltale signs, scientists have found.In many man-made and natural systems, conditions reach a tipping point when a major transition occurs and the system shifts from one state to another. Now researchers say they can begin to predict these tipping points by searching for universal early warning signs."At first we were surprised that yes, actually critical transitions in the brain could have a fundamental similarity to critical transitions in financial markets or ecology," said lead researcherMarten Scheffer of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. "It’s a radical idea but when you think about it, it makes sense. Whatever system it…

Pointless debate on Pokharan II of India

With due respect to Dr Iyengar, but for Vajpayee, India would never have conducted the test. Congress always resisted any such test and even recently PM said it was a mistake.It is good that a test happened and some results came out. In nuclear explosion whether it is fission or fusion damage is adequate and for deterrence the capability is is all that is needed and not perfect yields.
I always wondered in how many silos truly ICBMs which work exist in USA and erstwhile USSR, considering the military-industry collaboration as well political involvement, in the high budget programme. Hardly 2% would be real enough to help to set off the chain reaction of nuclear war.. and when the war takes place whether a large number are fake or not will be immaterial. There cannot any audit after nuclear war on the planet. With this assurance, human ingenuity is such that greed takes over and profit margins could have been boosted, putting up only some shells which rise and go back with some inert ma…

Sethna and Santhanam likes should act more responsibly!

What a fall for our country? Some where a sense of national pride and patriotism are missing.
It is not Chinese nor Pakistanis who are our enemies. We are our own greatest enemies.
What is that the great guys like Sethnas and Santhanams trying to prove?
TV bites have become so important after decades of silence?
National security issues are dealt in a more sensitive manner. People who held high positions have one golden rule to observe--- to keep mum.
Ugly scenes created now go to prove that our seniors are walking into traps set up by a very sophisticated Perception Management Corporation well paid by a foreign power, who opened up a war front where Indians innocently are walking in with eyes closed.
All the polish and glory is being washed off from our space agencies achievements... Arihant is launched and immediately we have a concerted move to discredit Atomic agency and their work.
Hope wisdom will prevail to see through the sophisticated games of the new world controlled by perceptio…