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We can make nuclear reators safer..

A conceptual outline design of reactor container vessel module set taking in to account the recent incident in Japan.
Engr. B Rajaram M.Tech.,F.I.E., F.N.A.E. IRSE (Retd.)
Disasters are natural and unavoidable. With the best of estimates of risks, still a case may arise as in case of Fukushima Japan in 2011, when extraordinary and unprecedented natural disaster occurs, even the best of human designs can give away. The nuclear reactor case is different from other infrastructure cases.

Normal non-nuclear infrastructure or related equipment like bridges, roads, trains or air craft or a ship can cause damage limited to the event. But in case of nuclear reactor , as is seen the radiation hazard and uncontrollable process melting down the core, create situations leading even to quick abandonment safely of the reactor. The containment of radiation becomes a primary concern. Spread by air/water of the radiation has got to be minimised.

A proposal hence is made to construct the rea…

Cab Sec TSR and Lok Pal Bill

Cab Sec TSR Subramaniam's Op Ed in New Indian comments to him.
I respect Shri TSR as another junior brother in service. My take on this subject is a little different. Instead of negativism of fighting corruption with another law which in my opinion is a futile exercise because , laws are compromised willingly by the powerful lobbies, I would suggest a simpler system to PREVENT corruption from occurring.
In public affairs , neither bureaucrat nor the Minister should be afraid or feel shy to write what he honestly feels.
In such a case we are unnecessarily providing a shroud of secrecy hiding government files from public view and on top of it grandly offered RTI Act with a plethora of Commissioners and bureaucratic wrangles to get even a simple fact out of the government.
The Lok Pal will have to first gather evidence. How does he do it? CBI and the story continues.
Instead simply make it mandatory to post the scanned noting three levels prior to the competent authority…

Nehru, Indira and Lok Pal

I am reminded of a particular letter written to very young Indira by her doting father Nehru, specifically advising her not to do or say some thing ( concerning others) away from public view, if she cannot do the same thing in public.

Verbatim I do not recollect but the spirit is what I recollect.

Somehow that advice stuck in my mind which guided me in my years of public service.

So long as public servants and Ministers are allowed to act in secrecy in affairs relating to public, their weaknesses in character , seduce them to compromise public interests.

We have to give credit to their superior intelligence and street smartness and spirit to succeed at any cost, but once we remove the layer of secrecy and all their acts are subject to public scrutiny within 24 hours of their final decision on file, starting from at least three levels noting prior to decision making, we will see a sea-change in government's working.

An honest officer will finally get credit in service and ma…

Lok Pal, Anna Hazare and the corrupt--- why not every citizen be a Lok Pal?

If a Lok Pal has to administer the Act then it will have all the ills associated with CBI and CVC.

The problem is we are still not able to get over the British colonial mind sets. Democracy will become healthier only if we are able to eliminate the dark corners and secretive doors blocking the light to be shed and operatives working behind thick and thin veils.

So long as we refuse to work openly on web based exposure in real time, the public administration and decision making steps, in public domain, visible to all, we have no hope.

When we remove the file covers protecting the bureaucrats, then every citizen becomes Lok Pal. Centralising the power in an individual is a serious mistake. One Lok Pal or a commission of Lok Pals are easily compromised. They will act as hindrance in administration of the Act.

What is the problem in making public administration free from secrecy and open and visible for every citizen? What is there to hide from public view?

Surprisingly the movemen…

Earthquake, Japan and Karatani!

Death of capitalism as desired by the Professor Karatani ( 1), appears a distant dream for me.
Like democracy, capitalism also will enjoy TINA protection. The packaging may be different.But the essence remains: democracy is finally dictatorship of the periodically elected leadership and capitalism too is the same greed to grab by any means more than what one needs, and control using financial instruments , the natural resources, making others servile while at the same time touting that the exploited are being served!
The first sloka of Esopanishad by the first human Swayambhu Manu when we started our business of living, amply and optly describes the path each one should take , if peaceful and happy life for all has to be assured without any bubbles or economic recessions. Over the billions of years, we have proven that we just don't care for that sloka but follow our own creative genius.
The chase of humans to fulfill material needs and desires driven constantly with more and more …