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My response to Prof V.V Raman.


Very grateful for your kind gesture of sending this unique mail.

The world itself is so wonderfully varied and amazing in so many ways a life time is but a speck to truly gauge the depth and vastness .

Bound my limited physical sensory organs, the mental inquiry closing eyes seeking answers is what the knowledgeable attempt.

The truth of the world and the truth of every one without exception being dependents , never capable to achieve nirdukha ananda or joy without attached misery following,  at all times , forces one to seek what is it that is driving the mammoth system with such clock work precision and inexorably driving events and attitudes of humanity to cause pain or pleasure.

It is quite comfortable to think that I am as old and ancient as you or my grand child; about 2.1 b years in this cycle.

Then the first mantra EsAvasyam the 18th one does reflect the thoughts of the ruler of us at that time 2.1b years ago.

Personally though I am not as accomplished as you a…

Geriatric Musings: Prof. V.V Raman.

At his ripe age, a great man Prof. V.V Raman ,whom I deeply respect , sent his musings which I would like to share

Geriatric Musings
Following many ahead of me while others are following my chronological footsteps, by calendrical reckoning I am now an octogenarian: a stage I never consciously contemplated being in or worked towards reaching. This is no personal achievement, but the result of fortunate circumstances that have shaped my physical and mental states. I don’t regret this transition to what could be a stepping stone to senility: the alternative would have denied me an opportunity to write this note.
We are all born with the possibility for gradual growth from infancy to adulthood, from middle age to possible senior-hood if we dodge kind of the pitfalls that eventually take us to the (for me) Unknown and Unimaginable states.
As to my years thus far on the Blue Planet, I have had my joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, families and friendships, hopes and disappointments, cha…