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The evolution of corruption in a society and remedy!

Humans are weak. Very exceptional humans very rare who can resist the seduction of money or woman.

Power at at any level tends to seek some undue favour. Thinking vigilance would control, is puerile. We cannot forget the stock, manning vigilance, is not from Mars.

The leaders at top need to garner funds to put up the political shows and appear to be doing some thing for people. While very top leasers could be very clean, it is statistically difficult to get same kind of persons as team. So part of personal gains get built in. It is only a matter of how the payback is organised.

Do work, once done, take payment. That used to be good old days of very honest and trusting on both sides of the table.

The reed being not too much, the project cost could comfortably be absorbed within affordable inflation rate. Inlfation rate does depend on  unproductive cash flows.

So others enjoying different dgrees of power, too could manage their lifestyle mostly eithr within salary paid by government or…

Fire Aacidents in AC coaches of Indian Railway

Fire accidents in AC coaches: some realities.

Evening 8pm train rolls out of Kacheguda ,with I and wife on board going to Tirupati.

As soon as Conductor finished checking tickets, I found in next bay , a lady pulling out electric water jug heater normally used for making tea or coffee.

A family of six and the lady took pleasure in preparing instant noodles, soups, for all , locating the soup kitchen on the side berth.

I got alarmed, went and asked them they may send up endangering the electrical insulations , because, the socket for mobile charging is not meant for what they were doing.

But she very confidently advised me, they had been doing it on all their travels covering many trains on other railways, without any problems! Also advised me to get the heaters from a particular address , very kindly pitying my ignorance.

She continued and when I tried to interfere, was practically shoed away by the family. The socket was continuous use for two hours! She was complaining the water w…
Eliminate parasitic political class in all state governments.

Clean Governance 17 minutes ago Rajaram Bojji
Just now
Why not a system of governance where there are no elections, no political class, no red light cars? FOR STATES :
1. There shall be a secure bank of servers with data security, and communication links with software to post issues, files of govt and final briefing note by the bureaucrats, seeking final order of govt. This is normally given by the man from political class whose party must have got some 20% vote share of total population, in current party based electoral system. But now thiese servers make avalable the information to people directly on the internet. People vote for approval or disapproval what is recommended by the bureaucrats, that is the executive branch. A time of 10 days for closing each case so posed or more if required will be enough.SMS and web poll today is feasible option.
2. process of registration is similar to voter card, and each will hold their re…