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Religion & Governance

A thought crossed my mind. Let me share with all of you.

Saintly humane persons occurred on the planet irrespective of religious backgrounds.

Similarly cruel, dominating , intolerant leaders too occurred irrespective of religious belief to which they belonged.

Then more than religion, is it the inner nature of the human, his aspirations, greed or nobility , need to dominate and control all around made them use all tools at command including religion to serve own purpose?

Even in vedic age some groups try to prevail on others to adopt their way of life of adharma, quick pleasures, stealing women from others like cows arw stolen as symbols of prized possession, discouraging satwic living, promoting darkness of ignorance, unrestricted pleasurable
Iiving habits!

So periodically a powerful ruler or leader arose from the turmoil to bring back order and peaceful life where knowledge seekers got back their rightful place.

As time passes, again the tamasic forces build up strength , and human…