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Quiet flows the Ganga!

I have been operating on Twitter and Facebook apart from running my own blogs for the past decade.

What I observe is the same attitudes and compartmentalisation as obtained in real life take place  in these formats.

You make groups and follow nor "unfollow" persons and the big shots and celebrities use it as just one way of communication , just one way, no response just as out happens in real life...they refuse to respond and some even block comments.

The humans cannot get out of the basic anthropological compulsions and comfort of belonging to own clan or class.

Now a days news print also recognise the need for readers to express their immediate , sometimes thoughtless but emotional outbursts, instantly web posting comments once their email is registered. You won't believe that such venemous language can be used to express yourself!

Grace is missing on the web.

Only a few digital publications like Moneylife run by Sucheta Dalal truly stand up without need to depend on …