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Human and sub-human worlds coexist in our own time!

What I find is humans are basically caught intheir own world of making, where greed and pelf and power rule. We ultimately become sub-humans. Recently after commenting on the way we govern ourselves, I realised, I have not understood their world. In their own world of value systems, they think and revel that they are doing fine. may be happy that way. How can you deny that the worm must be enjoying its own world of mud and filth.Different worlds co-exist even at this time as we can see-in the same space and time, and it is ultimately a matter of choice where we want to be. Taking judgmental views, hence, seems to be pointless.The karma phala chases and the consequences of actions inexorably drives the events. Certain kinds of joys one gets are so instantaneous and it is followed by deep depression. Again a matter of choice. Some keep doing the same thing to have that instantaneous gratification, suffer the depression and again hanker for the same state of instant bliss. Best is to cho…

Former Governor of RBI Sri YV Reddy and I

Former RBI Governor : "PPP in the infrastructure area is private profit at the cost of public expenses"[News Reports] Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010
In a one to one discussion almost 6 years ago when he was in Reserve bank, I argued the same thing and he agreed with me. Same thing about derivatives, and when Government allowed PSUs to also to indulge in interest rate swaps, I was unhappy and he too cautioned me. But dynamism in finance officers to realise the initial cash flow benefits to present a better balance sheet was difficult to rein in. With all precautions, after 4 years of such swaps, we found the going tough, but on longterm it all evened out and I sighed with relief.

Reddy is one single person in the Government, who can be credited to have kept our finance system from a bankruptcy, even when he was goaded to become more relaxed and allow the unbridled derivative market to flourish.

The current PPP projects actually are means to inflate capital costs and benefit to…

What a great sense of fulfillment I have and am grateful for the same to all those who helped me!

Last fortnight was very hectic moving from one place to another every second day. Covered Kadapa, Mantralayam, Tirumala twice, Bengaluru, Hole Narsipur visiting relatives, friends, powerful soothing sacred divine presence, revered learned and highly respected Gurugalu, Moola Sri Rama Devaru, just to mention a few. It gave me great happiness to see the second generation youngsters taking life in stride and managing the tough competition of modern world with aplomb, cool and collected.
It was so wonderful to meet the noble souls who are proactively promoting the new experiment in education by founding Poornapramathi School to give an allround developmental education, starting from lower KG. The tiny tots in the school look so cheerful and are devoid of fear. We pray for success of this novel experiment where spiritual, emotional development factoring in our ancient wisdom along with modern educational requirements are seamlessly getting integrated.
I and my wife were happy to be taken ca…