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A question answer session with respected Dr Krishnakumar, forcing me to dig my mind !

Dear Rajaramji,

I have great appreciation for your achievements and your knowledge. I see in some of your blogs a high degree of religious conviction and messages. One of them is the link between science and religion. I have some questions on that interface between science and religion.

As a statistician I believe in the equation Knowledge+Gaussian Error or IGNORANCE =Truth
Our mission is to explore continuously the unknown (error or ignorance) to improve our knowledge about the truth.
Florence Nightingale thus said rightly that the statistical work is the work of God or discovering God, or discovering truth through improved knowledge and reduced ignorance. Florence Nightingale was one of the founding members of the American Statistical Association and her statistical analysis of health surveys of epidemics in India were donated to the American Statistical Association and are kept in their headquarters in Washington DC.

Excellence in any field from cleaning a toilet to cleaning persons hea…

An invitation to brain storm on the image deficit for Indian engineering profession...

Dear Fellow Prof. Chakraborty,
It is truly wonderful to be remembered by a person of your eminence and achievement. Then it is a great honour that you consider I am of value to contribute to the brain storming session on the image deficit and its correction for our profession.

In my opinion it is members of our own profession who destroyed the pride in our field by being grossly unprofessional. While self-flogging is not a pleasant nor a means of finding a solution, the fact remains and has to be recognised that we need introspection first.
We have reduced our profession to mere tenders, bids, outsourcing to paid consultants, consultants to oversee consultants and another prime consultant having consultants to further advise, finally each of them acting subservient to a programme manager who has no inkling of what is civil engineering.
In the days of the great engineer Shri Viswesarayya , an engineer is considered a man of great integrity, intelligence and capable of thinking originally …

I am grateful to Moneylife Digital team for the coverage of my work done as duty! Some one youngsters should keep working to change lives!

B Rajaram to present paper on Gravity Power Towers at 13th APM-ATS in ParisJanuary 05, 2011 05:41 PM | Moneylife Digital Team babus continue to ignore his inventions, while the world honours the technology man who patented an anti-collision device, made the Skybus and more recently the Gravity Power Towers
Rajaram Bojji, former chairman of Konkan Railway, never got a chance to implement his revolutionary Skybus project which would have provided inexpensive, air-conditioned mass transport without land acquisition! The idea, backed by 17 patents, was abandoned by Indian authorities despite a successful demonstration in Goa. But Mr Bojji, who is better known as B Rajaram, moved on to new research and has kicked off the new year with a bang.
Automated People Movers and Transit Systems (APM-ATS) has accepted Mr Bojji's work on Gravity Power Towers (GPT) as a peer-reviewed paper to be presented at its 13th International Conference on 24 M…


Do all animals have souls. including insects andbacteria ?How does the cycle of rebirths cease when oneattains MOKSHA ?
Detailed descriptions are available in Bhagavata and Bhagavadgita when the process of creation is described.

84 lac species we go through a a jeeva ( soul) and human species is the one we reach as the last one of the 84 lac species. Today science has identified only about 10% of these species.
Jada and living are two categories, and amongst living, the faculty of thinking, discernment, and free will with communicating skills of very high order are gifted to human species while others have to lesser and lesser degrees.
Every living entity hence must have a soul. Trees too live but do no karma. They just serve , serve and serve!!!
The moment you are given intelligence, thinking, desires and physical prowess to deploy, you start karma and the details of karma, akarma, vikarma all are well described in Bhagavadgita.
The same karma depending on the intention, becomes binding…