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Skybus Standard Gauge Metro Rail

From Wikipedia some answers

Indicators of state vulnerability
The index's ranks are based on twelve indicators of state vulnerability - four social, two economic and six political.[3] The indicators are not designed to forecast when states may experience violence or collapse. Instead, they are meant to measure a state's vulnerability to collapse or conflict. All countries in the red, orange, or yellow categories display some features that make parts of their societies and institutions vulnerable to failure. Some in the yellow zone may be failing at a faster rate than those in the more dangerous orange or red zones, and therefore could experience violence sooner. Conversely, some in the red zone, though critical, may exhibit some positive signs of recovery or be deteriorating slowly, giving them time to adopt mitigating strategies.[2]

[edit] Social indicators
1. Demographic pressures: including the pressures deriving from high population density relative to food supply and other life-sustaining resources. Th…

When do we say a state has failed?

How do we define a failed state? When do we define the state to be sound? The various checks and balances we accept in a democratic society have to be based on the pillars of justice, laws , equal opportunity for all to grow, equity for all, some affirmative action to take care of poor and down trodden and those unfortunates to be cared for by those who do well- if a state can ensure this can we call it a sound one? If all the opposites occur can we say state has failed?
Can we identify the thresholds of some identified parameters to give us different degrees of the health of a state on a scale of 1 to 5 – and give warning signs before a state fails? It cannot be 0 or 1 case- the degradation has to be gradual spread over years and similarly building back the framework of values has to be long drawn out affair. Merely holding a dictator in position and supporting a coterie with weapons and fear promoted in the ruled, cannot make a state, I believe.

Lufthansa- Intercity train travel experience

An experience I remember!
The Lufthansa's combined air-rail tkt:
I experienced it. It is distinctly terrible when you change from air mode to rail mode even in Frankfurt! The life and glitter in air line areas distinctly contrasts with what you see in railway portion- persons slowly dragging their feet, dull lights, bleak surroundings in comparison with what the airport is just 100m across! You can see efforts to be different but lack of budget is visible. Ok then you board the 300 kmph inter-city. Fine train again with visible less than perfect maintenance in toilets as comapred to an aircraft. Even the Lufthansa stewardess specially provided to look after me , as I was I class pasenger- sounds a bit apologectic offering the coffee and limited snacks from the train service.

Between rail and air tremendous attitudinal problems persist. The portion of the I class coach reserved and nominated as such by the railway- they try to create a separate identity but it is not effortless.

The ri…