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Science, philosophy & arts are not mutually exclusive!

Pranaams to a beautiful mind , another wonderful creation by the one irreducible single sarvaswatantra omniscient force field 😃. In my thinking, it is very difficult to live in strict compartmentalised thinking and living in exclusive science, philosophy, or arts fields. They as forms depending on cognitive competencies of minds ultimately can be only different dimensions one Jnana only. Not mutually exclusive . The same single thread runs through cognition of beauty of sunrise, of human form, or preening peacock or elegant mathematical expression, or shruti of music, fragrance & soft beauty of flowers, majesty of mountains, vastness of space, intelligence & competence of family of  networked ants or bees, the care living beings show to siblings, thirst to know truth too. Sir, so true that Einstein first time brought to physical sciences , the ancient philosopher's practice of thought experiments and mathematical elegance by itself a beauty to be appreciated in the proce…