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Energy from gravity ,economy and jobs

A thoughtful reading~

Piano Quintet in A major

gracefully bonding!

Newton climate change and transportation

Now humanity can have practically free transportation without pollution too drawing power from gravitational force!

Case of Satyam Computers... why simple systemic checks are missing?

It is so simple to check cash flow statement of a company, sales receipts and the cash balance in various stated banks and reconfirm with the banks the cash balance. This one single figure if specifically certified quarterly there can be no such scam. Since even statutory auditors are seen to act blind, the Accounting standards can require the attachment of Bankers'certificates as additional schedule, to account for the claimed cash balance. it is unlikely that bankers would sign a wrong certificate.

It is again a case of missing the woods for a tree, the way we make accounts a complex matter missing the main objective to protect stake holders' interest and also make it difficult for the promoters to misrepresent facts in a serious manner. There could be manipulations in over statement of asssets and understatement of liabilities showing bloated profits, but the cash balnce and cash flow statements cannot be manipulated if you insist on attaching bankers statements as schedule …

Are we willing to change?

My dear visitor,

What is astounding in our human affairs is the myopic view coupled with too narrow a vision of premiere organizations like Nature and Royal Society as well as our own ASCE. We say we have freedom of thought and speech , but let me assure you in my 40 years of public life, my research papers like A new Theory of Rail wheel Interaction etc ( similar new theories ) got published in UIC IRCA Journal s of Europe in 1980-90. But over the decades some thing has gone wrong in our attitude.

We have increased communications, too much of stuff floating around and and too much of obscurantism in so called intellectuals presenting papers having very little application in life to improve human life now. But promises in future some thing nice will happen is the refrain.

We write to get research grants or get the count of research papers for professional advancement- a short term goal but truly to serve humanity is not the goal.

Entire world is struggling for energy and worried about g…

I I Sc to hire transport experts-Express News item

I always wondered at how our transportation experts have created a mess in our country. There is no viable solution to the current congestion problems in the city and they are bereft of ideas. At the drop of a hat, they will rush off to Brazil or Singapore for copying their solutions to their problems, without relation to our peculiar conditions, both cultural and city growth patterns dictated by history.

Worse still is that they lack integrity to be willing and ready to produce what the non-expert administrator demands as the solution, merely to help transfer of our wealth to foreign suppliers. More galling is that the IAS and other administrative officers overnight become "the experts" , by gaining tourist knowledge of the underground /elevated metro rail or BRTS , returning after a world tour visiting them and taking a ride for a few days. Then they solemnly proclaim the solution.

There is no depth of knowledge and open mind to honestly stick to world's norms for safet…