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One step solution for India #NOSEFAGO

Politics are bound to affect every aspect of our lives.  Governance necessarily gets  compromised with present practice of keeping  secret files after govt orders.  Many do not want to high light this aspect.

 Why? Corrupt & greedy use this with sole aim of enriching themselves. Public interest or law & order do not matter. Elections too manipulated with money, liquor and dividing electorates with selective goodies based on caste, creed etc.

The stakes of managing trillion rupee cash flows of govt, very high. All this activity prevents honest rising to power . The rule of law compromised, when govt executives can secretly interpret law , public policy and rules , hide in files misinterpretation, but issue orders dispensing justice in the process.

 Even a judge cannot do this. A society where executive enjoys such higher privilege , is dictatorship, no more a republic.

Law loses deterrence effect because of is not in the interest of law makers main objective. The dishonest go…

World loves corruption! It is fun with risks & rewards!

Some realities about corruption, Indians love & hate !

1. There is one and the only solution to PREVENT corruption in govt. But no one, wants it.

2. The solution is scan & web post  the file and order finalised  No technical challenges here. Simple.

3. But no one wants it.

4. Govt obviously , because , secret file makes governance mysterious & enjoy a sense of power over citizens , who unfairly dealt with have to seek justice from govt.

5. The secrecy of file allows self seekers to violate public interest and favour arbitrarily, for return, and hence govt power is lovely.

6. Elections become a huge business and expenditure benefits media, many small scale industries, liquor trade, transportation business, generally carnival festival for electorate with cash freely flowing. Lots of fun. This will dry out with the solution in 1. So even people do not really want to see corruption go away.

7. Various laws enacted to catch after corruption is committed are more in the nature …