Mario Miranda

He passed away at 85years of age today. Memorries of evenings I spent at his ancestral home on beachfront in Loutolim village with his graceful wife hosting flood my mind.

Such a gentle person and saw humour in the way we think and live. I think finally that is the way God sees in whatever we do struggling to prevail over one another.

I got him to travel throughout Konkan Railway and provide me with illustrations of various scenes for a cultural integration of the entry of Konkan Railway in to Goan life and I am happy the book Konkan Nama published by Konkan Railway received special welcome by tourists in Goa.

His illustrations were reproduced on walls of Margao station too.

Unassuming and graceful couple I recall fondly. My condolences to family who will miss him & his typical comments in conversation on everything we see around.

May his soul rest in peace.


I share the sentiments. I have that book on KR.

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