Why we should not get angry with those who hurt us!

Each jeeva with million births earlier and with infinite origin in time, since coming out of Sri Narayana's udaram, already has accumulated karmas good, bad the consequences of which he has to enjoy, good or bad! Lord Narayana in his infinite compassion, does not load one with full bad karma consequences . Life just becomes unbearable. A mix of good and bad karma consequences allocated to suffer /enjoy in a given life. Then inter relationships amongst humans hence get established based on this mix. Every one who lives will necessarily make some one happy or unhappy by their actions. While acting they follow drive by own karma as well as the recipient of that action too enjoys the consequence as part of own karma in earlier lives. Where is the free will? While being under compulsion to act under burden of past lives' karma , still a discerning mind and capacity to know what is right and what is wrong too granted. 

But even this discerning voice is under the control of the all pervasive Lord Narayana, through His most adored loved almost perfectly evolved Sri Vayu or Sri Hanuman as we know more populalrly, but , Chief life force in every human or living being is Sri Vayu. He is the sole agent in chief of Lord Narayana who very faithfully executes wishes of Lord Narayana. He implements the scheme of things laid down in our process of cleansing our inner core of ahamkara, jealousy, greed, fear but gain courage to be truthful, persevere on the path to know as much as possible and as our own capacity permits to know about the infinite blissful , blemishfree bright but pleasant Ananda Swarupa of jnana or esoteric knowledge of that supreme energy. 

This is the energy unlike any thing we know, nor can visualize, which creates, sustains, controls , destroys, the everything living , non-living, grants at own pleasure. The almighty at own pleasure grants to us, jnana or that super knowlwdge, ajnaana or that super illusional knowledge, bandha or pro-active attachments, moksha or blissful liberation when one enjoysthe same kind of blemishless bliss commensurate with each one's level of knowledge achieved. Free will has constraints. If allowed to be controlled by physical senses , will chase only what gives immediate joys. But if tempered by higher knowledge of what is our frame work of our rules of living as ordained by our ceator, our understanding goes through a sea change. The good or bad things happening to us will then be understood as not because we in our competence planned and achieved or someone else with their strength prevailed over us. Yes, we are controlled by prakriti or that all powerful nature packaging us in three gunas, satwa ,rajas and tamas or roughly pure knowledge, action oriented knowledge with hunger for results and success, then ignorance or evil minded application of knowlege for evil purposes. We are humans, have to suffer tyranny of the complex control exercised by nature. The only way one can attempt to get some relief from this tyranny, is to take shelter under Sri Krishna and his chief agent Sri vayu devaru or Sri Hanuman! But even when told this solution, unless one's own time is mature by burning of previous evil karma effects, become eligible to receive further satwic knowledge to seek path to reach Sri krishna! When one is able to depend on Sri Krishna, do own actions as per duty allocated as a kind of prayer and service to Sri Krishna, the jounrey starts. When one takes one step towrds Lord Narayana, He takes ten steps towards the jeeva. The hurt when one suffers at hands of another person, not necessarily physical, but matters of emotional let downs, is part of the consequences of own bad karma of earlier births. The person who is hurting is not independent to cause it nor capable to do it on his own. Such serving of karma is controlled by Sri Vayu devaru, who prompts him and forces him to cause the hurt. The receiver if ignorant and tamasic, will simply blame the person who is hurting and then will not hesitate to take revenge too! May or may not scucced, depending on what balance of karmas are allocated in this interplay of actions. But if the reciver of the hurt has traveled even a few steps on the path of satwic pure knowledge seeking Sri Krishna, and uderstads role of Sri Vayu devaru role in our life, then can never blame the perpetrator of the hurt on his emotional state. Yes pain occurs, natural break of heart may take place, anguish real too because of the powerful prakriti binding us down to the three gunas. Still once one knows why it is bestowed on him,and note, invariably such break of heart to occur there must be a prelude of exceesive happy moments too in such association, without which one cannot be vulnerable to suffer the anguish. That is why pain and pleasure are always found to be wo faces of the same coin. First Lord Narayana grants the sudden happiness of association, love and bondage, generally imbalanced in the sense one gets too much attached and in full love while the other may not feel as strongly. Finally it is play of Sri Hanuman as per rules laid down by Lord Narayana, jeevas have no escape but exercise free will as per the design. Certainly the Lord Vasudeva sitting at core of our subatomic size jeeva swarupa, does prod and indicates future, but powerful prakriti finally allowed to prevail because we are still to evolve and are simple humans bound by prakriti. Even gretaest saints sufffered powerful effects of all powerful prakriti. But if one is able to stick to Sri Hanuman Ji even at the stage you are over taken by extremely poweful forces of prakriti, it is the grace of Lord Krishna! The consequences of karma no one can escape, but while pleasure is granted, anguish too follows, and finally this process helps cleanse the soul of ipaart of its immense blemishes being carried. 

Try to be as honest as possible to yourself and never be ashamed of admitting to yourself internally all your weaknesses and failings. But use all faculties granted to serve purpse of Lord Sri Krishna to help sustain His planet as service to Him only for His pleasure!

Satyam Param Dheemahee


mandabuddhi said…
Prakritih swam aapnoti nigraha kim karishyati?
Is the Jeevatma totally controlled by Prakriti? Is there no escape route by way of Prapatti?Kanchi Mahaperiava used to say that the pains we have inlife steadily reduce the bad karma residues of our lifes and pleasures are the consequence of sat karma.
As Kunti appeals to Lord Vasudeva,
we should also pray to keep us in some turmoil so we will not forget Narayana/Vasudeva/Shiva/kali etc.

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