Tatwa Jnana Sri Madhwacharya

Tatwa Jnana from Sri Madhwacharya, is the most rational one I feel which does not demand blind following.
It urges constant study, understand, question, experience , try hard to really reach the truth with Vedas and Brahmasutras as the foundation with guidance
Only if when one personally experiences,  the respect and bhakti comes naturally.  Not because one gets some chocolate like favours of getting over some personal problem.
A true madhwa accepts problems in life as well as joys with the same spirit as an observer , as these are mere karma phala of this and earlier janmas. That account currently does not matter.
Live in present and do current karma not for self,  but for the wellbeing of all humanity, living beings and nature because that is the beautiful creation of the great Lord Narayana , the one and only God but present all round us, within us and within every thing that has any kind of beauty or ugliness too! 
A true Madhwa can never hate or get angry with any one who hurts him, because the cause is own karma  phala. That other person too is merely a tool in operating at the will of Sri Narayana!
Every act a true Madhwa has to judge as right or wrong for himself , by the simple norm whether it takes him towards Sri Narayana or away from him!
Life is real, world is real and sat,chit ananda swarupa of Sri Narayana is our goal to have ananda without blemish!
Sri Vayu or Sri Anajaneya is the supreme jeeva and acts as guru because he is the most knowledgeable in tatawa jnana and because of his jnana very dear to Sri Narayana . Only true jnana of satyam  and unflinching stoic attitude to do what is right takes one closer to Sri Narayana and becomes dear to Him.
One should get addicted to Sri Narayana , not blindly, but with full knowledge of the infinite nature of Him in every attribute pure and free from all ill effects of gunas  while being conscious of own miniscule subatomic levels of limited attributes  , that too completely blemished by three gunas .
This opportunity of having auch advanced highly evolved body given in all His compassion for us with intelligence and free will, is to be used  to get liberated from the repetitive cycles of birth and death and reach the abode where one has only unblemished jnana ananda with out any further wants!
This tough journey is helped by Sri Madhwa who has given the tatwa jnana with rational arguments and likes of Sri Jaya Teethacharyaru,  Sri Raghavendra Swami and others further explained for our benefit.
The path of knowledge is lit by Sri Sri Sri Satayatama teertharu from whom I got my guidance in my spiritual journey of immense happiness! That one should experience only! Every one of us have right to live happy whatever be our circumstance! But that is only when we live taking the right path !
By Madhwa definition anyone who yearns for studies for Brahma jnana is Brahmana. No one is Brahman by birth! By my way of life I am a shudra , earned my keep serving people in govt.
Though born Brahmin I lived shudra life. Yes after retirement last 9 years lived Brahmin life gaining jnana and learning.
But even while living as shudra I still was Madhwa because I followed principles of living as per direction of Madhwa. To be Madhwa there is no caste requirement. One can be Madhwa but belong to any caste by birth.
Birth categorization is one thing but swabhava  that is inner varna of having different quantums of satwic , rajasic, tamasic gunas decides whether one follows path of light or path of darkness.
Every day , every moment counts! A moment not thinking of Sri Narayana , not missing him is a waste of life!
Hare Krishna !


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